How many Fortune 3 books are there?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Fortune 3 is a highly sought-after enchantment in Minecraft, as it significantly increases the amount of resources you can obtain when mining certain blocks. To answer the question of how many Fortune 3 books there are, we need to understand the mechanics of enchanting and the probabilities involved.

Enchanting in Minecraft involves using an enchantment table or anvil to apply magical properties to items such as tools, weapons, and armor. The level of enchantments that can be applied depends on the player’s experience level and the enchantment options available.

Fortune is one of the enchantments that can be applied to tools such as pickaxes. It comes in three levels: Fortune 1, Fortune 2, and Fortune 3. Each level increases the chance of receiving extra resources when mining certain blocks. Specifically, Fortune allows you to obtain more diamonds, coal, redstone, lapis lazuli, and other valuable ores from their respective blocks.

To obtain a Fortune 3 enchantment book, one method is to enchant a book at an enchantment table. However, the enchantments available at the enchantment table are random, and the chances of getting Fortune 3 are quite low. The probability of getting Fortune 3 directly from the enchantment table is only about 2.2%.

Another method to obtain a Fortune 3 book is through trading with villagers. Librarian villagers have a chance to offer enchanted books as one of their trades. The specific enchantments they offer can vary depending on the villager’s profession and level. While it is possible to find a librarian villager that offers a Fortune 3 book, it can be quite rare and may require some luck and persistence.

Furthermore, you can also find enchanted books as loot in generated structures such as dungeons, mineshafts, and stronghold libraries. However, the chances of finding a Fortune 3 book in these locations are relatively low, and it may take some exploration and luck to come across one.

Obtaining a Fortune 3 book in Minecraft can be a challenging task. The probability of directly enchanting a book with Fortune 3 at an enchantment table is only around 2.2%. Trading with librarian villagers or finding Fortune 3 books as loot in generated structures are alternative methods, but they also require some luck and persistence.

Personal Experience:
In my own Minecraft adventures, I have spent countless hours enchanting books and trading with villagers in the hopes of obtaining a Fortune 3 book. While I have been fortunate enough to come across Fortune 1 and Fortune 2 books through these methods, I have yet to find a Fortune 3 book. This highlights the rarity of obtaining this particular enchantment and the patience required to acquire it. However, the excitement and satisfaction of finally obtaining a Fortune 3 book after a long search can make it all the more rewarding.

To summarize, the number of Fortune 3 books in Minecraft is not quantifiable as it depends on various factors such as player luck, persistence, and the available opportunities for obtaining enchanted books.