Why did Schitt’s Creek end that way?

Answered by John Hunt

As a fan of Schitt’s Creek, I was also curious about why the show ended the way it did. After reading Daniel Levy’s interview with Variety, it became clear that the decision to end the series after six seasons was not an easy one, but it was ultimately the right choice for the show and its characters.

Levy explained that he never wanted to compromise on the quality or storytelling of Schitt’s Creek. He wanted to end the series on a high note, rather than risk it becoming stale or repetitive. It’s admirable that he prioritized the integrity of the show over dragging it out for more seasons.

The decision to end the show after six seasons was also a practical one. Levy mentioned that they had already received a two-season renewal, which meant they had enough time to properly wrap up the storylines and give the characters the endings they deserved.

I think it’s important to note that Schitt’s Creek had already achieved great success and critical acclaim by the time it reached its final seasons. It had won multiple awards and gained a dedicated fanbase. Sometimes, it’s better to end a show on a high note and leave the audience wanting more, rather than overstaying its welcome and potentially losing the magic it once had.

Additionally, Levy wanted to explore new projects and opportunities. He mentioned in the interview that he had other ideas and stories he wanted to tell, and it would have been difficult to juggle those with the demands of continuing Schitt’s Creek.

Ultimately, the decision to end Schitt’s Creek was a combination of creative integrity, practicality, and a desire to explore new avenues. While it may have been bittersweet for fans, it’s clear that it was the right choice for the show and its creators.