How long does a carbonator last for SodaStream?

Answered by Robert Flynn

A SodaStream CO2 canister, also known as a carbonator, can last for a varying amount of time depending on your usage. On average, a single canister can carbonate approximately 60 liters of water. However, it’s important to note that the actual duration will depend on how fizzy you like your drinks. If you prefer a less carbonated beverage, you may be able to stretch the lifespan of the canister a bit longer.

For the average regular seltzer drinker, consuming around 1 liter of carbonated water per day, a SodaStream canister will typically last about two months. This estimation assumes that you consistently use the SodaStream to carbonate all of your water consumption during that time period.

To give you a better understanding, let’s break down the numbers. If you carbonate one liter of water per day, a 60-liter canister should last you approximately 60 days. However, if you only carbonate half a liter per day, it will last approximately 120 days or four months. Conversely, if you carbonate two liters per day, it will last only 30 days or one month.

Of course, these numbers are just rough estimates and can vary based on personal preferences and usage patterns. Some individuals may consume more carbonated water, while others may use the SodaStream less frequently. Additionally, if you use the SodaStream to carbonate other beverages or experiment with different flavors, the lifespan of the canister may also be affected.

When you run out of CO2 and your canister is empty, you have a few options to get a replacement. The most convenient option is to exchange your empty canister for a full one at a local retail store or SodaStream refill station. Many supermarkets, home goods stores, and online retailers offer this service. Simply bring your empty canister and exchange it for a full one, paying only for the CO2 refill.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new carbonator outright if you don’t have an empty one to exchange. This is often an option when the exchange locations are not readily available or if you prefer to have an extra canister on hand as a backup.

It’s worth noting that the empty canisters are refillable, and some users choose to refill them using third-party services or DIY methods. While this can be a more cost-effective option in the long run, it’s important to ensure that the refilling process is done safely and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A SodaStream CO2 canister typically lasts for about two months, carbonating around 60 liters of water, depending on your usage preferences. When you run out, you have the option to exchange your empty canister for a full one or purchase a new carbonator outright.