How long did Sonny Barger serve?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Sonny Barger, a prominent figure in the motorcycle club world, has a complex history when it comes to his time served in prison. Barger himself has stated that he spent a total of 12 or 13 years behind bars throughout his life. However, the exact duration and specific instances of his incarceration can be somewhat difficult to pin down due to the nature of his involvement with the Hells Angels and his criminal activities.

Barger’s first encounter with the criminal justice system came in 1956 when he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to serve time in a California state prison. This marked the beginning of his long and tumultuous relationship with the legal system. Over the next several decades, Barger would find himself in and out of prison for various offenses related to his involvement with the Hells Angels.

One notable period of incarceration for Barger occurred in 1979 when he was convicted of conspiring to blow up a rival motorcycle club’s clubhouse. He was sentenced to serve four years in federal prison for this crime. This incident highlights the violent and criminal nature of the activities Barger was involved in during his time with the Hells Angels.

In addition to his more high-profile convictions, Barger also faced numerous other legal troubles throughout his life. These ranged from charges of drug possession and trafficking to assault and murder. While it is difficult to ascertain the exact duration of each individual sentence, it is clear that Barger spent a significant portion of his life behind bars.

It is worth noting that Barger’s time in prison did not solely consist of serving his sentences. He also became involved in organizing and leading the Hells Angels from within the confines of the prison walls. This further demonstrates the influence and power he held within the motorcycle club world, even while incarcerated.

Barger’s time served in prison spanned several decades, with his total sentence length estimated to be around 12 or 13 years. However, due to the nature of his criminal activities and the various legal troubles he faced, it is challenging to provide an exact breakdown of the specific duration of each individual sentence.