How do you make a frisbee?

Answered by Frank Schwing

To make a frisbee, you can create one using paper claws. This method is simple and requires only a few materials. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a frisbee using paper claws:

1. Fold eight sheets of paper into paper claws: Start by taking eight sheets of paper and folding each one into a paper claw shape. To do this, fold the paper in half diagonally, creating a triangle. Then, fold the two outer corners of the triangle towards the center, forming a smaller triangle shape. Fold the bottom tip of the triangle upwards, and then fold the two flaps over the top, creating a claw-like shape. Repeat this process for all eight sheets of paper.

2. Insert the point of one claw into the opening of another: Once you have all eight paper claws ready, take one claw and insert its point into the opening of another claw. This will help secure the claws together and create a circular shape. Repeat this step for all the remaining claws, connecting them one by one until you have a complete circle of claws.

3. Use tape to secure each claw together: To ensure that the claws stay connected and form a sturdy frisbee, use tape to secure each claw together. Apply tape to the points where the claws connect, wrapping it around the joint. This will add strength and stability to your frisbee.

4. Wrap the frisbee with tape: To reinforce the frisbee and make it more durable, wrap the entire structure with tape. Start from one point on the frisbee and wrap the tape around the claws, overlapping it slightly as you go. Continue wrapping until you cover the entire frisbee. This will help hold the claws together and provide a smooth surface for better flight.

5. Throw your frisbee: Once you have finished making your frisbee, it’s time to test it out! Find an open outdoor space, preferably away from any obstacles or people, and give it a throw. Experiment with different throwing techniques to see how your paper claw frisbee flies through the air.

Remember, this frisbee made from paper claws may not be as durable or fly as well as a traditional frisbee, but it can still provide some fun and entertainment. Enjoy the process of making and playing with your homemade frisbee!