How is Hale described when he comes to Salem specifically deal with his attitude and view of self?

Answered by Jason Smith

When Hale first arrives in Salem, he exudes an air of confidence and intellectual eagerness. He is described as being around 40 years old, with tight skin and a sharp, focused gaze. His appearance suggests a man who takes pride in his work and is dedicated to his mission of finding witches.

Hale’s attitude is one of unwavering certainty and self-assuredness. He believes wholeheartedly in the existence of witches and the presence of the devil in people. This belief gives him a sense of purpose and fuels his determination to seek out and eradicate evil from Salem.

Hale views himself as an expert in his field, someone who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and deal with the devil’s influence. He sees himself as a savior, capable of freeing people from the clutches of the devil and restoring purity to the community.

This sense of pride in his work and his self-perceived authority can sometimes make Hale come across as arrogant. He sees himself as the ultimate authority on witchcraft and often dismisses opposing viewpoints or doubts raised by others. His confidence in his abilities can be both a strength and a flaw, as it blinds him to the possibility of error or the potential for innocent people to be falsely accused.

Hale’s attitude and view of self are characterized by a deep conviction in his mission, an eagerness to uncover witches, and a sense of pride in his expertise. However, this unwavering certainty can also cloud his judgment and prevent him from considering alternative explanations or the possibility of innocent individuals being wrongly accused.