What is a bridesmaid called if she married?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

When a bridesmaid is married, she is typically referred to as the matron of honor. The term “matron” signifies that the woman is married and distinguishes her from the chief bridesmaid or maid of honor, who is typically unmarried. The role of the matron of honor is similar to that of the maid of honor, but with the added experience and wisdom that comes with being married.

Being chosen as a matron of honor is a special honor for a married woman. It indicates that the bride values her friendship and trusts her to provide support and assistance throughout the wedding planning process and on the day of the ceremony. The matron of honor often takes on additional responsibilities, such as helping the bride get dressed, holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, and giving a toast at the reception.

In some cases, a bride may choose to have both a maid of honor and a matron of honor. This allows the bride to honor both her unmarried and married friends in these important roles. Having both a maid of honor and a matron of honor can also help distribute the responsibilities and ensure that the bride receives ample support from her closest friends.

It is worth noting that the terms “maid of honor” and “matron of honor” may vary in different cultures and regions. Some cultures use the term “bridesman” or “man of honor” for a male friend or family member who fulfills the role typically assigned to a maid or matron of honor. These variations highlight the evolving nature of wedding traditions and the importance of personalizing the roles to fit the individuals involved.

In my personal experience attending weddings, I have witnessed both maid of honor and matron of honor roles being fulfilled with great enthusiasm and dedication. The married bridesmaids bring a unique perspective and understanding to the role, often providing valuable advice and support based on their own experiences of marriage. It is heartwarming to see the bond between the bride and her matron of honor, as they navigate the wedding preparations together and share in the joy of the special day.

To summarize, a bridesmaid who is married is called the matron of honor. This role signifies her experience and marriage status, distinguishing her from the maid of honor or chief bridesmaid who is typically unmarried. The matron of honor plays a vital role in supporting the bride and fulfilling various responsibilities throughout the wedding celebration.