How do you unlink Spotify accounts?

Answered by James Kissner

To unlink your Spotify account, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Spotify account on the web or through the desktop application.
2. Once you’re logged in, click on your profile name at the top right corner of the screen.
3. From the drop-down menu, select “Settings” to access your account settings.
4. In the settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Social” section. Click on it to expand the options.
5. Within the “Social” section, you’ll see a list of connected accounts. Look for the Spotify logo and click on the “Disconnect” or “Unlink” button next to it.
6. A confirmation prompt may appear asking if you’re sure you want to unlink your Spotify account. Click “OK” or “Confirm” to proceed.
7. Once you’ve confirmed the unlinking, your Spotify account will no longer be connected to the linked account.

It’s important to note that unlinking your Spotify account from another service or platform will only disconnect the accounts and remove any integrations or shared data. Your actual Spotify account and its contents, such as playlists, saved songs, and followers, will remain intact.

In my personal experience, I had to unlink my Spotify account from a social media platform because I wanted to keep my music listening habits private. I followed the steps mentioned above and successfully disconnected the accounts. It was a straightforward process that didn’t require any additional steps or complications.

To summarize, unlinking your Spotify account involves accessing your account settings, navigating to the “Social” section, and clicking on the disconnect or unlink option next to the Spotify logo. Confirm the unlinking, and your Spotify account will no longer be connected to the linked account.