How do you thank a charity?

Answered by John Hunt

Thanking a charity for their support and donations is an important gesture that shows appreciation and helps to build a strong relationship. Here are 15 creative ways to say “thank you” to your donors:

1. Send a handwritten letter: Take the time to write a personalized thank-you letter expressing your gratitude for their generosity. Handwritten letters add a personal touch and show that you value their contribution.

2. Make the phone call: Reach out to your donors with a phone call to personally thank them. This allows for a more direct and personal conversation, where you can express your appreciation and answer any questions they may have.

3. Organize an office tour: Invite your donors to visit your organization’s office or facility. This gives them the opportunity to see firsthand how their donations are making a difference and allows you to personally thank them in person.

4. Highlight donors on social media and website: Publicly acknowledge your donors by featuring their names or testimonials on your organization’s social media platforms and website. This not only shows appreciation but also recognizes their support to a wider audience.

5. Send small gifts: Consider sending small tokens of appreciation such as personalized thank-you notes, branded merchandise, or a small gift that aligns with your organization’s mission. These gestures go a long way in showing your gratitude.

6. Send a welcome package: For new donors, send a welcome package that includes information about your organization, impact stories, and a personalized thank-you note. This helps them feel connected and appreciated right from the start.

7. Send birthday/anniversary cards: Show your donors that you remember and care about them by sending birthday or anniversary cards. This personal touch lets them know that you value their support beyond just their donations.

8. Send a “thank you” video: Record a short video message expressing your gratitude and share it with your donors. This adds a personal touch and allows them to see and hear your genuine appreciation.

9. Host a donor appreciation event: Organize a special event to celebrate and thank your donors. This could be a cocktail reception, a luncheon, or a virtual gathering where you can publicly recognize their contributions and show your gratitude.

10. Feature donors in your newsletter: Include a section in your organization’s newsletter dedicated to highlighting and thanking your donors. Share their stories, photos, and the impact their support has made.

11. Create a donor wall: Designate a space in your organization’s office or website for a donor wall. Display the names or logos of your donors as a permanent reminder of their generosity and support.

12. Offer exclusive benefits: Provide special benefits or perks to your donors, such as early access to events, exclusive content, or discounts on merchandise. This incentivizes continued support and makes them feel valued.

13. Share impact reports: Regularly update your donors with impact reports that showcase how their contributions have made a difference. Show them the tangible results of their support and express your gratitude for their role in achieving those outcomes.

14. Volunteer appreciation: If your organization relies on volunteers, make sure to thank them as well. Host a volunteer appreciation event or send personalized thank-you notes to recognize their time and effort.

15. Collaborate on a project: Engage your donors in a collaborative project that allows them to actively contribute their skills or expertise. This not only shows appreciation but also creates a deeper connection and sense of involvement.

Remember, the key to thanking a charity is to be genuine, personal, and creative. Each of these methods can help you show your gratitude and build a strong relationship with your donors.