How do you make a leprechaun trap out of popsicle sticks?

Answered by Robert Dupre

To make a leprechaun trap out of popsicle sticks, you will need the following materials:
– Jumbo popsicle sticks
– Green mini popsicle sticks
– Glue

Here are the steps to create the leprechaun trap:

1. Start by gathering your jumbo popsicle sticks and green mini popsicle sticks. You can find these at most craft stores or online.

2. Take a piece of paper and draw a square or rectangular shape to serve as the base of your trap. You can make it as large or small as you’d like, depending on your preference.

3. Now, take two jumbo popsicle sticks and apply glue to one side of each stick. Place these sticks on two opposite sides of the paper, creating a wall-like structure. Press them firmly into place and allow the glue to dry.

4. Once the first two sticks are dry, flip the paper over and apply glue to the other side of the sticks. Take two more jumbo popsicle sticks and attach them to the remaining two sides of the paper, completing the walls of your trap. Press them firmly and let the glue dry completely.

5. Now, it’s time to create a ladder for the leprechaun to climb. Take the green mini popsicle sticks and apply glue to the back of each stick. Attach them horizontally to the two remaining jumbo popsicle sticks, creating a ladder shape. Repeat this process until the ladder reaches the desired height.

6. Allow the entire structure to dry completely before using it. Once dry, carefully place the leprechaun trap on a flat surface, ensuring the ladder is securely attached to the walls.

Now, your leprechaun trap is ready to catch those mischievous little creatures! You can decorate the trap with additional craft materials like glitter, shamrock stickers, or even a sign saying “Leprechaun Trap – Enter at Your Own Risk!” to make it more enticing.

Remember, catching a leprechaun is not an easy task, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t catch one right away. Leprechauns are known for their cunning and ability to escape traps. But with your creativity and determination, who knows? Maybe this will be the year you catch a leprechaun and find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Good luck, and may the luck of the Irish be with you in your leprechaun trapping endeavors!