What to do if you break a lucky cat?

Answered by James Kissner

When you accidentally break open a Murakami Lucky Cat Coin Bank, don’t worry, there’s still something you can do with it. Instead of feeling disappointed, turn it into an opportunity to level up your Cat Coin Bank collection!

Firstly, gather the broken pieces of the lucky cat and assess the damage. If the pieces are small and manageable, you can attempt to repair the lucky cat using adhesive glue. Take your time and be careful during this process to ensure the pieces fit together properly. However, if the damage is extensive or the pieces are too small to repair, it may be best to accept that the lucky cat is beyond repair.

Now that you have a broken lucky cat, you can repurpose it into a new Cat Coin Bank. Use your creativity and imagination to transform the broken pieces into a unique and personalized coin bank. You can use additional materials like paint, fabric, or even decorative items to enhance the design of your new Cat Coin Bank. This way, you can turn a mishap into an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

Once you have successfully transformed the broken lucky cat into a Cat Coin Bank, it’s time to feed it with a coin. Insert a coin into the coin slot of your new creation and watch as it becomes a functional bank once again. The coin will find its place inside the bank, ready to be saved and collected.

Leveling up your Cat Coin Bank can be an ongoing process. Whenever you accumulate enough coins, you can break open your current Cat Coin Bank and repeat the cycle. This way, you can continuously upgrade and expand your collection of Cat Coin Banks, each with its own unique design and story.

Remember, the process of breaking a lucky cat and repurposing it into a new Cat Coin Bank is not only a way to salvage the situation but also an opportunity for personal growth and creativity. Embrace the unexpected and turn it into something positive.

In my personal experience, I once accidentally dropped a cherished lucky cat and it broke into several pieces. Instead of feeling upset, I decided to transform it into a new creation. I used colorful paints and decorative beads to give it a vibrant and unique look. The end result was a Cat Coin Bank that not only reminded me of the original lucky cat but also had a personal touch. It became a conversation starter whenever friends noticed it on my shelf.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where a lucky cat breaks, don’t despair. Embrace the opportunity to create something new and turn it into a Cat Coin Bank that reflects your own style and personality. Happy leveling up!