How do you do Carousel on Instagram?

Answered by Willian Lymon

To upload a carousel post on Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Tap on the Add post icon, which is usually a plus sign (+), located on the top navigation bar. This will open the post creation screen.

3. Tap on the Post option at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to select multiple photos for your carousel post.

4. On the next screen, tap on the Select Multiple option. This will bring you to your device’s photo gallery.

5. Choose the photos you want to include in your carousel post by tapping on them in the order you want them to appear. You can select up to 10 photos for a carousel post.

6. Once you have selected your photos, tap on the Next button located on the top-right corner of the screen.

7. Now, you can write your caption for the carousel post. You can also include tags or hashtags to make your post more discoverable. Be creative and engaging with your caption to capture the attention of your followers.

8. After you have written your caption, tags, and hashtags, tap on the Share button to upload your carousel post to Instagram.

9. Instagram will then process your post and it will be shared on your profile. Your followers will be able to swipe through the photos in your carousel post to view them in sequence.

Using carousel posts on Instagram allows you to share multiple photos or videos in a single post, providing a more interactive and engaging experience for your followers. It’s a great way to tell a story, showcase a series of images, or share different angles of a particular moment or event.

Remember to be mindful of the order in which you select your photos, as that will determine the sequence in which they appear in the carousel. Also, ensure that your photos are of high quality and visually appealing to make your carousel post more captivating.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you successfully upload a carousel post on Instagram. Enjoy sharing your moments and stories with your followers!