How do you convert the Graco Atlas to a booster?

Answered by Robert Flynn

To convert the Graco Atlas to a booster mode, follow these steps:

1. Loosen the harness: Start by loosening the harness all the way. This allows you to have more flexibility when adjusting the seat.

2. Unbuckle the crotch buckle: Next, unbuckle the buckle tongues from the crotch buckle. This will free up the harness and allow you to remove it from the seat.

3. Clip the chest clip together: Take the two pieces of the chest clip and clip them together. This ensures that the chest clip stays secure and in place during the conversion process.

4. Raise the headrest: After securing the chest clip, raise the headrest all the way up. This is important as it provides additional support and protection for your child’s head and neck.

5. Lift the cover flap: Locate the cover flap below the headrest. Lift it up to reveal the harness storage area.

6. Unsnap the cover: Once the cover flap is lifted, you will see snaps that hold the cover in place. Unsnap these to access the harness storage.

7. Store the harness: Carefully remove the harness from the seat and store it in the designated harness storage area. Make sure to tuck the harness away neatly and securely.

8. Adjust the seat belt guides: With the harness removed, you will notice seat belt guides on either side of the seat. Adjust these to the appropriate height for your child’s size.

9. Install the seat belt: Now that the seat is in booster mode, you can use the vehicle’s seat belt to secure your child. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly buckling and securing the seat belt.

10. Test the booster: Before using the booster seat, it’s essential to test it for proper installation and fit. Ensure that the seat belt is securely fastened and that your child is comfortable and properly positioned in the booster.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when converting and using a car seat. It’s crucial to prioritize your child’s safety and follow all necessary steps for a secure and proper installation.