Did Hange like Pieck?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

It is clear that Hange has a strong attraction towards Pieck. Their statement of “I’ll charm her yet. You watch” clearly indicates their desire to get closer to Pieck and possibly develop a romantic relationship with her.

Throughout the story, Hange’s feelings for Pieck are subtly hinted at. They show a keen interest in her and often find themselves drawn to her presence. Hange’s fascination with Pieck’s intelligence, bravery, and unique Titan abilities further reinforces their attraction towards her.

In addition, Hange’s behavior around Pieck reflects their affection. They are often seen engaging in playful banter and teasing with her, which is a common way of showing interest in someone. Hange’s interactions with Pieck also display a certain level of admiration and respect for her skills and capabilities.

Furthermore, Hange’s desire to “charm” Pieck shows their determination to win her over and form a deeper connection. This suggests that Hange is willing to put in the effort to get to know Pieck better and establish a more intimate relationship with her.

However, it is important to note that Hange’s feelings for Pieck are not explicitly confirmed in the story. Their attraction towards her is mostly portrayed through subtle hints and implications. Therefore, it is up to the interpretation of the readers to determine the extent of Hange’s feelings for Pieck.

Hange’s strong interest in Pieck, their playful interactions, and their desire to “charm” her all suggest that Hange has romantic feelings towards Pieck. While the story does not explicitly confirm this, the evidence points towards Hange harboring a significant attraction to Pieck.