How do I unfollow a person?

Answered by Tom Adger

To unfollow a person, Page, or group on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can follow these steps:

1. Facebook:
– Go to the profile, Page, or group you want to unfollow.
– For a profile: Tap on the “Friends” button located below the cover photo, and then select “Unfollow” from the drop-down menu.
– For a Page: Tap on the “…” button (three dots) below the cover photo, then select “Manage follow settings.” click on “Unfollow” to stop seeing their posts on your news feed.
– For a group: Tap on the “…” button (three dots) in the top right corner of the group’s main page, then select “Following.” click on “Unfollow” to stop seeing posts from the group.

2. Instagram:
– Go to the profile you want to unfollow.
– Tap on the “Following” button, located next to the profile’s username.
– This will unfollow the person, and the “Following” button will change to “Follow” if you wish to follow them again in the future.

3. Twitter:
– Go to the profile of the person you want to unfollow.
– If you’re already following them, the “Following” button will be highlighted in blue. Click on it to unfollow.
– Once unfollowed, the “Following” button will change to “Follow” if you decide to follow them again later.

Remember, unfollowing someone means you’ll no longer see their posts or updates on your news feed or timeline. However, you’ll still remain connected as friends or followers, and they won’t be notified when you unfollow them.