How do I switch from Thaumaturge to black mage?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To switch from the Thaumaturge class to the Black Mage specialization in Final Fantasy XIV, you need to follow a specific set of steps. I’ll guide you through the process in a detailed manner.

1. Level up your Thaumaturge class: Before you can specialize as a Black Mage, you need to reach level 30 as a Thaumaturge. This means completing various quests and gaining experience points by defeating enemies or completing FATEs. Take your time to explore Eorzea, participate in dungeons, and complete side quests to level up your Thaumaturge efficiently.

2. Complete the level 30 Thaumaturge class quest: Once you reach level 30, you must finish a specific class quest called “Facing Your Demons.” This quest can be obtained from the Thaumaturge guild in Ul’dah. The quest will usually involve defeating a powerful enemy or completing a challenging task. Once you complete this quest, you will be ready to progress further towards becoming a Black Mage.

3. Progress in the Main Scenario Quest: After completing the Thaumaturge class quest, you need to progress in the Main Scenario Questline until you reach a step called “Sylph Management.” This step usually comes after the completion of several quests and story events. The Main Scenario Questline is an integral part of the game’s storyline, so it’s important to follow it to unlock new content and specializations.

4. Unlock the “Taking the Black” quest: Once you reach the “Sylph Management” step of the Main Scenario Questline, you will unlock the “Taking the Black” quest. This quest serves as the final step in transitioning from Thaumaturge to Black Mage. You can find the quest giver in the Black Mage guild located in Ul’dah.

5. Complete the “Taking the Black” quest: Accept the “Taking the Black” quest and follow the objectives given to you. The quest will likely involve speaking with certain NPCs, exploring specific areas, and potentially engaging in combat encounters. Once you successfully complete this quest, you will officially become a Black Mage, and you can equip the Black Mage job crystal to access your new abilities and spells.

It’s important to note that the process of switching from Thaumaturge to Black Mage is not instantaneous. You need to put in the time and effort to level up your Thaumaturge class, complete the necessary quests, and progress in the Main Scenario Questline. However, this journey allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s world and storyline while gradually unlocking new abilities and specializations.

Personally, I found the transition from Thaumaturge to Black Mage to be both exciting and rewarding. As a Thaumaturge, I enjoyed casting powerful spells and dealing devastating damage, but becoming a Black Mage allowed me to focus on the destructive potential of fire, lightning, and ice. The Black Mage specialization offers a unique playstyle that relies on careful positioning, managing enmity, and maximizing your spellcasting potential.

Remember to enjoy the journey and take your time to fully explore the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Experiment with different abilities and strategies, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from fellow players or online resources. Good luck on your path to becoming a Black Mage!