Do PGA pros use interlock or overlap grip?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

PGA pros predominantly use the overlap grip, but there are exceptions to this trend. While the majority of elite players opt for the overlap grip, two highly successful golfers, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, have favored the interlocking grip throughout their careers.

The overlap grip, also known as the Vardon grip, is the most commonly used grip among professional golfers. This grip involves placing the pinky finger of the trailing hand (right hand for right-handed golfers) between the index and middle fingers of the leading hand (left hand for right-handed golfers). The overlapping of the fingers provides stability and control during the swing.

On the other hand, the interlocking grip involves intertwining the pinky finger of the trailing hand with the index finger of the leading hand. This grip creates a stronger connection between the hands and can promote a more unified feel throughout the swing.

Tiger Woods, often regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, has been a notable advocate of the interlocking grip. He adopted this grip at a young age and has stuck with it throughout his professional career. Woods has attributed his choice of the interlocking grip to his smaller hands and the need for a tighter connection between his hands to generate power and control.

Jack Nicklaus, another legendary golfer with a record 18 major championships, also favored the interlocking grip. Nicklaus believed that this grip allowed him to maintain a secure hold on the club and provided better control over the clubface.

While the majority of PGA pros choose the overlap grip, it is important to note that grip preference is highly individualized. Golfers may experiment with different grips throughout their careers to find what works best for their swing and hand size. Ultimately, the grip that allows a golfer to have a comfortable, stable, and consistent swing is the grip that they should use.

In my personal experience as a golfer, I have experimented with both the overlap grip and the interlocking grip. Initially, I started with the overlap grip as it was the most commonly taught grip and used by many professionals. However, after struggling with consistency and control, I decided to give the interlocking grip a try. I found that the interlocking grip provided me with a stronger connection between my hands, resulting in increased club control and improved shot-making.

To summarize, while PGA pros predominantly use the overlap grip, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have achieved tremendous success with the interlocking grip. Grip preference is subjective and can vary from golfer to golfer. It is crucial for each individual golfer to experiment and find the grip that feels most comfortable, provides stability, and allows for consistent performance.