How do I send file from iPhone to PC via Bluetooth?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

To transfer files from your iPhone to your PC via Bluetooth, you’ll need to follow a few steps. I’ll guide you through the process:

1. Open the Settings or Connectivity on your PC: To do this, go to the Start menu or search bar and type “Settings.” Click on the Settings app to open it. In the Settings menu, look for the “Devices” or “Bluetooth & other devices” option. Click on it to open the Bluetooth settings.

2. Make your PC discoverable: In the Bluetooth settings on your PC, you’ll see an option to make your device discoverable. Toggle this option on to allow your iPhone to find your PC.

3. Open the Settings on your iPhone: On your iPhone, go to the home screen and tap on the “Settings” app to open it.

4. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone: In the Settings menu, look for the “Bluetooth” option and tap on it. Toggle the Bluetooth option on to enable it.

5. Search for your PC’s name on your iPhone: Once Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, it will start searching for nearby devices. In the list of available devices, you should see your PC’s name. Tap on it to initiate the connection.

6. Pair your iPhone with your PC: When you tap on your PC’s name, a pairing request will be sent to your PC. On your PC, you’ll see a notification or prompt asking for approval to connect with your iPhone. Approve the connection request on your PC.

7. Enter the connection key: After approving the connection request on your PC, a key or passcode will be displayed on both your iPhone and PC screens. Make sure the key matches on both devices, and if it does, tap on “Pair” or “Connect” to establish the Bluetooth connection.

8. Transfer files from your iPhone to your PC: Once the Bluetooth connection is established, you can now transfer files from your iPhone to your PC. Open the file or app on your iPhone that contains the file you want to transfer. Use the sharing or export options within the app to send the file via Bluetooth. Select your PC from the list of available devices and initiate the file transfer.

9. Accept the file on your PC: On your PC, you’ll receive a notification or prompt to accept the incoming file transfer from your iPhone. Click on “Accept” or “Yes” to start the file transfer.

10. Locate the transferred file on your PC: Once the file transfer is complete, the file will be saved on your PC. Depending on the file type and destination folder, you may need to navigate to the appropriate location to find the transferred file.

That’s it! You have successfully transferred a file from your iPhone to your PC via Bluetooth. Remember to disable Bluetooth and make your devices undiscoverable after you’re done transferring files to ensure the security of your devices.