How do I open friends interface on Apple Watch?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

To open the friends interface on your Apple Watch, you can use the Activity app. The friends interface allows you to easily connect and compete with your friends in various fitness challenges. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access this feature:

1. Start by tapping on the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go to the home screen.

2. Look for the Activity app icon, which resembles three concentric circles in different colors. Tap on it to open the app.

3. Once you’re in the Activity app, swipe left or right to navigate to the Sharing screen. This screen is where you can interact with your friends and view their activity progress.

4. On the Sharing screen, you’ll see a list of your friends who are also using Apple Watch and have enabled activity sharing. Scroll through the list to find the friend you want to connect with.

5. Once you’ve found the friend, tap on their name to view their activity details. This will open their individual activity summary, showcasing their daily progress and achievements.

6. To engage in some friendly competition, scroll down on their activity summary until you see the “Compete” button. Tap on it to initiate a competition with your friend.

7. After tapping the “Compete” button, a menu will appear with different competition options. Choose the one that suits your preferences, such as a step challenge or a workout competition.

8. to invite your friend to compete with you, tap on the “Invite [name]” button. This will send a notification to your friend, letting them know that you’ve challenged them to a competition.

By following these steps, you can easily access the friends interface on your Apple Watch and invite your friends to compete with you in various fitness challenges. It’s a great way to stay motivated and have some fun while achieving your fitness goals.

Remember, engaging in friendly competition can be a great source of motivation and encouragement. So, don’t hesitate to challenge your friends and see who can reach their fitness milestones first!

Note: The availability of the friends interface and competition features may depend on the version of watchOS installed on your Apple Watch and the settings configured in the Activity app. Make sure you have the latest software updates and have enabled activity sharing to fully utilize these features.