How do I mirror my Mac to my Sony HDMI TV?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

To mirror your Mac to your Sony HDMI TV, you can use the AirPlay feature. AirPlay allows you to wirelessly stream content from your Mac to your TV, including photos, videos, and music. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Make sure your Mac and Sony TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. On your Mac, open the photo, video, or music file you want to stream to your TV.

3. For photos, click on the Share button, usually located at the top of the window or in the menu bar. From the drop-down menu, select AirPlay.

4. If you’re playing a video, you can also access AirPlay during playback. Look for the AirPlay Video icon, usually located in the player controls. Click on it and select your Sony TV from the list of available devices.

5. Similarly, if you’re listening to music, you can select AirPlay Audio during playback by clicking on the AirPlay Audio icon and choosing your Sony TV from the list.

6. For fullscreen mirroring, open Control Centre on your Mac. You can do this by swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen (if you have a trackpad with multitouch gestures) or by clicking on the Control Centre icon in the menu bar. Once in Control Centre, locate and click on the Mirroring icon. From the drop-down menu, select your Sony TV.

7. Your Mac screen should now be mirrored on your Sony TV. You can navigate and use your Mac as usual, and whatever you do will be displayed on the TV in real-time.

It’s worth noting that not all Mac models support AirPlay mirroring. Make sure your Mac is compatible before attempting to mirror your screen. Additionally, some Sony TVs might have specific requirements or limitations for AirPlay compatibility, so consult your TV’s manual or the Sony support website for more information.

I hope this guide helps you successfully mirror your Mac to your Sony HDMI TV using AirPlay. Enjoy streaming your content on the big screen!