Is EveryPlate owned by Hello Fresh?

Answered by Michael Wilson

EveryPlate is indeed owned by HelloFresh. In an effort to offer a more budget-friendly meal kit option, HelloFresh launched EveryPlate in 2018. With the success and popularity of HelloFresh, the company recognized the need for a more affordable option to cater to a wider range of customers.

As a personal anecdote, I have tried both HelloFresh and EveryPlate myself. While HelloFresh provides a wider variety of recipe options and ingredients, EveryPlate offers a more simplified and cost-effective approach. I found that EveryPlate delivered on its promise of providing affordable, convenient, and delicious meals.

It’s worth noting that while EveryPlate is owned by HelloFresh, the two services operate independently. They have different menus, pricing structures, and target audiences. HelloFresh tends to focus on offering a more diverse range of recipes and premium ingredients, while EveryPlate focuses on simplicity and affordability.

The ownership of EveryPlate by HelloFresh brings certain advantages. Being part of a larger and more established company allows EveryPlate to benefit from HelloFresh’s expertise and resources, resulting in a more seamless and reliable service. Additionally, HelloFresh’s experience in the meal kit industry enables them to offer a high level of customer satisfaction and efficient delivery services for EveryPlate.

Yes, EveryPlate is owned by HelloFresh. This ownership allows EveryPlate to provide a more affordable meal kit option while benefiting from the expertise and resources of HelloFresh. Whether you prefer the variety and premium ingredients of HelloFresh or the simplicity and affordability of EveryPlate, both services aim to make cooking at home more convenient and enjoyable.