How do I make apple Bitmoji?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To make your personalized Memoji on an Apple device, follow these steps:

1. Open a conversation in the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap the Animoji icon, which looks like a monkey face, located next to the text field.
3. You’ll see a row of Animoji characters at the bottom of the screen. Swipe all the way to the left to access the “New Memoji” option. Tap the plus sign to create your unique Memoji.
4. Now, the fun part begins! You can customize various features of your Memoji to make it look just like you or however you want it to be. Here are the customization options available:

A. Skin: Choose your skin color by scrolling through the available options.
B. Hairstyle: Select a hairstyle that matches your own or experiment with different looks.
C. Hair Color: Customize the color of your hair, whether it’s natural or vibrant.
D. Eyes: Choose the shape, color, and even add eyelashes to your Memoji’s eyes.
E. Eyebrows: Select the shape and color of your Memoji’s eyebrows.
F. Nose: Customize the shape and size of your Memoji’s nose.
G. Lips: Choose the shape and color of your Memoji’s lips.
H. Ears: Customize the shape and size of your Memoji’s ears.
I. Facial Hair: Add or remove facial hair like a beard or mustache, and choose the style and color.
J. Eyewear: Select eyeglasses or sunglasses for your Memoji.
K. Headwear: Add headwear like hats, caps, or turbans to your Memoji.
L. Accessories: Choose from various accessories like earrings, piercings, or braces.

5. Once you’ve customized your Memoji to your liking, tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.
6. Your newly created Memoji will now be available alongside the Animoji characters in the bottom row. You can use it to record and send animated messages or stick it onto photos and videos in the Messages app.

Remember, you can always go back and edit your Memoji by tapping the Animoji icon, swiping to your Memoji, and tapping the three dots (…) to access the editing options.

Have fun personalizing your Memoji and expressing yourself in a unique and playful way!