How do I find the best Clan?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Finding the best Clan in your Clash of Clans game can greatly enhance your gaming experience. To find the perfect Clan for you, follow these steps:

1. Access the Clans tab: Start by clicking on your XP Level number on your home village screen. This will take you to your profile. From there, navigate to the “Clans” tab.

2. Set your filters: Once you’re on the Clans screen, you’ll find a “Filters” button. Click on it to customize your search criteria. This is where you can define what you’re looking for in a Clan.

3. Select your preferences: In the Filters menu, you’ll have various options to choose from. Consider factors such as Clan size, Clan level, Clan location, Clan language, and Clan war frequency. These preferences will help narrow down your search and find the best Clan that aligns with your gaming goals.

4. Adjust filters based on your level: Depending on your XP Level, you may have access to additional filters. For example, higher-level players may have the option to filter based on Clan Games activity or Clan War League participation. Utilize these options to find a Clan that suits your specific needs and playstyle.

5. Explore Clan descriptions: Once you’ve applied your filters, a list of Clans matching your criteria will appear. Take your time to read through the Clan descriptions and requirements. Look for Clans that have similar goals, activity levels, and playstyles as you. This will increase the chances of finding a Clan where you fit in well.

6. Visit Clan profiles: Clicking on a Clan from the list will take you to their profile page. Here, you can view additional details such as Clan members, Clan wars won, Clan perks, and more. Take a closer look at these stats to get a better understanding of the Clan’s overall performance and activity level.

7. Observe Clan chat: Before making a final decision, spend some time observing the Clan chat. This will give you insight into the Clan’s communication style, member interactions, and overall atmosphere. Look for a Clan that promotes a friendly and supportive environment, as this can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

8. Join or request invitation: Once you’ve found a Clan that meets your expectations, you can either join directly if it’s an open Clan or request an invitation if it’s an invite-only Clan. Follow the designated process to become a member of the Clan.

Remember, finding the best Clan is a personal choice, and it may take some time to find the perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to explore different Clans, ask questions, and interact with members before committing. Building strong relationships within a Clan can lead to long-lasting gaming friendships and successful gameplay.

Good luck in your search for the best Clan in Clash of Clans!