How do I change my second Xbox name?

Answered by Edward Huber

To change your second Xbox gamertag, follow these steps:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Xbox Guide.
2. From the menu options, select “System” to access the system settings.
3. In the System menu, choose “Settings” to proceed to the settings options.
4. Within the Settings menu, select “Personalization” to customize your Xbox profile.
5. Under Personalization, navigate to “My profile” and choose it to access your profile settings.
6. In the profile settings, you will find the option to “Customize profile.” Select it to proceed.
7. You will see your current gamertag listed. Select it again to make changes to your gamertag.
8. At this point, you have two options:
A. If you want to type a completely new gamertag, select the text field and use your controller or a connected keyboard to enter the desired gamertag.
B. Alternatively, you can select one from the suggested list of gamertags. Xbox provides a variety of options based on availability and your preferences.

Remember, when selecting a new gamertag, it should adhere to Xbox’s guidelines and terms of service. Inappropriate or offensive gamertags may be subject to enforcement actions.

It’s worth noting that changing your gamertag may have some implications. Friends and other players might not recognize your new gamertag immediately, and you may need to inform them or update your information in any gaming communities or forums you are a part of.

Changing your gamertag is a great way to personalize your Xbox experience and make it reflect your individuality. So go ahead and choose a gamertag that resonates with you!

I hope this guide helps you successfully change your second Xbox gamertag. Enjoy your gaming adventures with your new identity!