Does Jeff Goldblum do the apartments commercial?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Jeff Goldblum will be appearing in an commercial campaign. The campaign is set to launch in mid-March and will feature Goldblum reprising his role as Brad Bellflower. This news has generated excitement among fans of Goldblum and the brand.

Jeff Goldblum’s involvement in the commercials has been highly successful in the past. He first appeared in the brand’s Super Bowl commercial in 2016, which garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback. Goldblum’s unique charm and quirky personality resonated well with audiences, making him a perfect fit for the brand’s advertising strategy.

In the commercials, Goldblum portrays the character of Brad Bellflower, a charismatic and slightly eccentric apartment-listing enthusiast. His portrayal of Bellflower has become iconic and has helped to establish as a recognizable brand in the real estate industry.

The decision to bring back Goldblum for another round of commercials is a testament to his popularity and the success of the previous campaign. His presence in the upcoming commercials is sure to generate buzz and anticipation among viewers. has been known for its creative and entertaining commercials, and Goldblum’s involvement adds a touch of star power to the brand’s advertising efforts. His ability to bring humor and charisma to the screen has made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, and his involvement in the commercials only adds to the appeal of the brand.

The news that Jeff Goldblum will be appearing in an commercial campaign is exciting for fans of both Goldblum and the brand. His previous work with the brand has been well-received, and his return is sure to bring a fresh and entertaining perspective to the upcoming commercials. Viewers can look forward to seeing Goldblum’s unique style and charm on display once again in mid-March.