How do I attract buyers to my property?

Answered by John Hunt

To attract buyers to your property, there are several strategies you can employ. These include making your home easy to show, offering a competitive buyer’s agent commission, increasing market exposure, hosting an open house extravaganza, making a limited-time offer, and as a last resort, dropping your price.

1. Make Your Home Easy to Show: One of the first steps in attracting buyers is ensuring that your home is easily accessible for showings. Be flexible with scheduling and consider using a lockbox system to allow agents to show your home even when you’re not available. The more convenient it is for potential buyers and their agents to view your property, the more interest you’ll generate.

2. Offer a Competitive Buyer’s Agent Commission: Incentivize buyer’s agents to show your property by offering a competitive commission. This commission is typically paid by the seller and shared with the buyer’s agent. A higher commission can motivate agents to prioritize showing your property over others, increasing your chances of attracting qualified buyers.

3. Increase Traffic Through Market Exposure: Utilize various marketing channels to increase exposure and reach a wider audience. This can include listing your property on reputable real estate websites, promoting it on social media platforms, and leveraging the networks of your real estate agent. Additionally, consider professional photography and virtual tours to showcase your property in its best light.

4. Host an Open House Extravaganza: Organize an open house event to generate interest and foot traffic. Make it an event by offering refreshments, providing informative brochures, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Advertise the open house through online platforms, local newspapers, and neighborhood signage to attract potential buyers.

5. Make a Limited-Time Offer: Create a sense of urgency by making a limited-time offer, such as a price reduction or additional incentives for buyers who submit an offer within a specific timeframe. This can motivate potential buyers to act quickly, fearing they may miss out on a great opportunity.

6. Drop Your Price as the Last Resort: If all else fails and you’re not attracting enough interest, consider dropping your price. While this should be a last resort, it can be effective in stimulating buyer activity. Research the market and consult your real estate agent to determine the appropriate price adjustment that will make your property more competitive.

Attracting buyers to your property requires a combination of strategies aimed at increasing exposure, creating a sense of urgency, and making your home easily accessible. By implementing these tactics, you’ll enhance your chances of attracting qualified buyers and ultimately selling your property.