Is Keepa for Amazon free?

Answered by Willie Powers

Keepa for Amazon used to have a free version, but it has recently changed its structure and introduced a paid subscription model in 2019. While there is still a free version available, it now offers limited features and the more insightful information is only accessible through the paid subscription.

Keepa is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers, providing valuable data and insights to help them make informed decisions. It offers a range of features such as price history charts, sales rank tracking, product alerts, and more. These features are extremely useful for monitoring the market, identifying trends, and adjusting pricing strategies.

Previously, Keepa offered a free version that provided basic data and functionality. However, with the introduction of the paid subscription model, the free version has become more limited in terms of the information and features it offers. Many of the more advanced features, such as detailed sales rank tracking and access to historical pricing data, are now only available to subscribers.

While the paid subscription may require a financial investment, it can provide significant benefits to Amazon sellers. The additional insights and data offered through the subscription can help sellers better understand their competition, identify profitable products, and optimize their pricing strategies. This can ultimately lead to increased sales and profitability.

As an Amazon seller myself, I have found Keepa to be a valuable tool in my business. The historical pricing data and sales rank tracking have been particularly helpful in understanding market trends and making pricing decisions. While the paid subscription may require a financial commitment, I have found the insights and competitive advantage it provides to be well worth the investment.

To summarize, while there is still a free version of Keepa available, the more advanced features and insightful information are now only accessible through the paid subscription. This subscription offers Amazon sellers a range of benefits, including access to historical pricing data, detailed sales rank tracking, and other valuable insights to help optimize their business strategies.