How can I tell if I’m blocked on iMessage?

Answered by Robert Flynn

To determine if you’ve been blocked on iMessage, there are a few indicators you can look for. One of the most obvious signs is the absence of delivery status or read receipts. Typically, when you send a message on iMessage, you’ll see a delivery status below it, indicating whether it was successfully delivered to the recipient’s device. Additionally, if the recipient has read receipts enabled, you’ll see a small “Read” notification when they have viewed your message.

However, if you’ve been blocked, these indicators will be missing. When you send a message to a person who has blocked you, the message will still appear in a blue bubble, just like any other iMessage. However, there will be no delivery status displayed below it, not even a “Not Delivered” message. This absence of any delivery status is a clear red flag that you may have been blocked.

It’s important to note that there could be other reasons for not seeing delivery status or read receipts, such as network issues or the recipient’s settings. But if you consistently experience this with a particular contact and they seem to be actively using iMessage with others, it’s more likely that you’ve been blocked.

Another possible indication of being blocked is the lack of response or any form of communication from the person in question. If you used to have regular conversations with this individual and suddenly there’s a complete silence, it’s worth considering the possibility of being blocked.

It’s essential to remember that being blocked on iMessage is not a definitive confirmation, as there could be other explanations for the absence of delivery status or communication. However, if you notice a combination of these signs, it might be a strong indication that you’ve been blocked.

If you no longer see delivery status or read receipts for your iMessage, and the person you’re trying to reach has become unresponsive, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked. While it’s never pleasant to be blocked, it’s important to respect the other person’s choice and privacy.