How can I make my stone smooth fast?

Answered by Willie Powers

If you’re looking to make smooth stone quickly, there are a few methods you can use to speed up the process. Smooth stone is commonly used in crafting items such as blast furnaces and redstone items, so it’s important to have a fast and efficient way to produce it.

1. Use a Furnace: The first step in making smooth stone is to smelt cobblestone in a furnace. Simply place the cobblestone in the top slot of the furnace and fuel (such as coal or wood) in the bottom slot. The furnace will convert the cobblestone into regular stone. This process takes time, so it’s best to have multiple furnaces running simultaneously to speed up the production.

2. Switch to a Blast Furnace: Once you have obtained regular stone, you can use a blast furnace to smelt it into smooth stone. The blast furnace is a faster alternative to the regular furnace, reducing the smelting time by 2/3. To use the blast furnace, place regular stone in the top slot and fuel in the bottom slot, just like with the regular furnace. This will quickly convert the regular stone into smooth stone.

3. Efficient Fuel Usage: To maximize efficiency and save time, it’s important to use the most effective fuel for smelting. Coal blocks are a great option as they provide more smelting time compared to individual pieces of coal. Additionally, using a lava bucket as fuel can be a cost-effective alternative, as it lasts for a longer duration compared to other fuel sources.

4. Multiple Furnaces: To expedite the process, consider setting up multiple furnaces or blast furnaces. This way, you can have several stone smelting operations running simultaneously, greatly reducing the overall time required to produce smooth stone. Having a dedicated smelting area with multiple furnaces can significantly speed up the process.

5. Automation: If you have advanced resources and are looking for a more automated approach, you can utilize redstone mechanisms and hoppers to automate the smelting process. By setting up a system of hoppers and furnaces, you can continuously feed cobblestone into the furnaces and collect the smooth stone automatically. This method requires some knowledge of redstone mechanics, but it can greatly speed up the production of smooth stone.

6. Time Management: Lastly, it’s important to manage your time effectively when smelting stone. While waiting for the stone to smelt, you can use that time to gather more cobblestone or engage in other tasks. This way, you can make the most of your time and keep the production of smooth stone running smoothly.

In summary, to make smooth stone quickly, start by using a regular furnace to smelt cobblestone into regular stone. Once you have regular stone, switch to using a blast furnace for faster smelting. Use efficient fuel sources like coal blocks or lava buckets, set up multiple furnaces or blast furnaces, and consider automating the process using redstone mechanisms. Effective time management will also help you make smooth stone faster.