Getting to Know Barret’s Daughter, Marlene in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been a highly anticipated game among fans of the franchise, and it did not disappoint. One of the beloved characters from the game is Barret, a tough and gruff leader of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche. However, he also has a softer side, wich is revealed through his relationship with his daughter, Marlene.

Marlene doesn’t get much backstory in the game, but in the original Final Fantasy 7, we learn that she is the daughter of Barret’s friends Dyne and Eleanor. When Dyne and his hometown Corel were destroyed by Shinra Electric Power Company troops, Barret took in Marlene as his own daughter. This act of kindness shows that Barret has a heart, despite his rough exterior.

It’s interesting to note that Barret was married before and had a wife named Myrna who suffered from an unspecified illness. This tragic event could have contributed to his decision to take in Marlene and become a father figure to her.

In the game, Marlene is shown as a sweet and innocent girl who cares deeply for her father. She often worries about him when he goes on dangerous missions with Avalanche, and she is always happy to see him when he returns home.

Marlene’s relationship with Barret is a touching aspect of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and it adds an extra layer of depth to Barret’s character. It shows that he is not just a tough guy, but a caring and loving father who will do anything to protect his daughter.

Marlene may not have a lot of screen time in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but her presence in the game adds an emotional element that fans can relate to. She is a reminder that even in a world filled with chaos and destruction, there is still hope and love.

Did Tifa and Barret Have a Child?

Tifa and Barret did not have a baby together in Final Fantasy 7 Remake or the original game. In fact, the mother of Barret’s daughter Marlene is never explicitly stated in the game, but it is heavily implied that she is not Tifa. In the original game, it is revealed that Marlene’s biological mother was a woman named Eleanor who worked with Barret in the resistance movement against the Shinra Electric Power Company. However, it is worth noting that Final Fantasy 7 Remake deviates from the original game in some aspects, so it is possible that the story cold change in future installments.

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The Identity of Barret’s Wife

Amy Coney Barrett’s wife is Jesse M. Barrett. The couple has been married since 1999 and they have seven children together. Jesse Barrett is a partner at a law firm in South Bend, Indiana, where the family resides. She is also a graduate of Rhodes College and Notre Dame Law School. The couple’s strong marriage and family values have been noted by those who know them, and they have been praised for their commitment to each other and their children.

Barrett’s Daughter’s Mother

The mother of Barret’s daughter is Eleanor. She was the wife of Barret’s friend Dyne, whom he had taken in as his own daughter after her parents and hometown were destroyed by Shinra Electric Power Company troops. Barret and Eleanor share a close bond due to their shared loss and their love for Marlene. Despite the tragedy they have faced, they have formed a family unit centered around their love and protection for each other.

Does Barret from Final Fantasy 7 Have a Wife?

Barret has a wife in FF7. Her name is Myrna, and she suffered from an unspecified illness. Barret married her and lived with her in the small, forested coal mining village of Corel. The details of Myrna’s illness are not explicitly stated in the game, but her condition is severe enough that Barret is willing to risk his life to save her. Barret’s love for his wife is a significant part of his character development in FF7.

Tifa’s Love Interest

Tifa’s love interest is Cloud Strife. Throughout the Final Fantasy VII series, it is made clear that Tifa has deep feelings for Cloud, and their relationship is a significant part of the game’s storyline. However, Cloud’s feelings for Tifa are complicated, as he also has feelings for Aerith Gainsborough. Ultimately, Cloud’s love for both Tifa and Aerith helps him to heal and grow as a person, and the girls never compete over him. Instead, they love and support each other, making their relationships with Cloud unique and complex.

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Does Tifa Have Children?

Tifa Lockhart has a child named Denzel. He is infected with Geostigma, which is a disease that affects those who were exposed to the Lifestream during the events of the original game. Tifa and Cloud, along with other members of AVALANCHE, work to find a cure for Geostigma and help those who have been infected. Additionally, Tifa also helps to take care of Marlene Wallace, the daughter of Barret Wallace, who is also a member of AVALANCHE.

Are Tifa and Barret a Couple?

Tifa and Barret are not shown to be a couple in the canon of the Final Fantasy VII franchise. While the two characters have a strong relationship as allies and comrades, there is no romantic involvement or indication of romantic feelings between them in the original game or any other official material. In fact, their interactions primarily revolve around their shared mission to save the planet and their shared history in the fight against Shinra. While fans may speculate or ship the two characters together, there is no evidence within the established canon to support such a relationship.

Are Tifa and Barret in a Relationship?

Tifa and Barret are not married in the original Final Fantasy VII game. Tifa is a childhood friend of the game’s protagonist, Cloud, and runs a bar called Seventh Heaven in the Sector 7 slums of Midgar. She is also a member of the eco-terrorist group, AVALANCHE, alongside Barret, who is a gun-armed man with a strong hatred for the Shinra Electric Power Company. While Tifa and Barret work together and share a common goal of fighting against Shinra, they are not romantically involved or married.

Are Tifa and Cloud in a Relationship?

Tifa and Cloud are in a romantic relationship in the Final Fantasy VII series. While their relationship is not explicitly stated in the original game, it is heavily implied through their interactions and their shared history as childhood friends. This is further confirmed in subsequent installments of the series, including the movie Advent Children and the game Dirge of Cerberus, where they are shown living together and raising their adopted children Denzel and Marlene. While there are some fans who ship Cloud with oter characters, the canonical relationship between Cloud and Tifa, also known as “CloTi,” is widely accepted by the majority of fans.

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The Age of Marlene

There is no definitive answer on whether Marlene is an Ancient in the Final Fantasy VII series. While Marlene is the daughter of Barret, a main character who is not an Ancient, there is some speculation that she may have some Ancient blood in her lineage. It is worth noting that Marlene has displayed some abilities that are often associated with Ancients, such as being able to sense Aerith’s message through the Lifestream. However, this cold also be explained by her close relationship with Aerith and her exposure to the Lifestream during the events of the game. Without any official confirmation or evidence, it remains unclear whether Marlene is truly an Ancient or not.

Marlene’s Mother

Marlene’s mother is Dora Lane, a character who first appeared in the episode titled “The Lonely Herdsman.” Dora is an important character in the show, as she is Marlene’s mother and plays a significant role in her daughter’s life. She is portrayed by actress June Whitfield, who brings the character to life with her acting skills. Dora is a supportive and caring mother who is always there for her daughter when she needs her. Her character adds depth and complexity to the show, making it more interesting and engaging for viewers.

Is Barrett an Advent Child?

Barret is an Advent Child. He appears in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children CGI film sequel as one of the main characters. In this film, he joins forces with Cloud Strife and other characters from the original game to combat the threat of a new enemy. Barret’s appearance in Advent Children is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, which includes other games and media that expand upon the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII. As a character created by Tetsuya Nomura, Barret has become a beloved part of the Final Fantasy VII franchise and has continued to appear in varius forms of media.

Is Denzel Tifa’s Child?

Denzel is not Tifa’s biological son. In the original Final Fantasy VII game, Denzel is a young boy who lost his family to the Shinra Corporation and was later taken in by Tifa and her bar, Seventh Heaven. Tifa and Marlene, another child living with them, cared for Denzel while he had Geostigma. Although Tifa thinks of Denzel as her own son, they do not have a biological relationship. Their bond is built on the strong emotional connection they share as a result of their shared experiences and the care and love Tifa provided for Denzel.

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Are Cloud and Tifa a Couple in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

Cloud and Tifa are confirmed to be in a romantic relationship in Advent Children. This is evidenced through various scenes in the movie where they are shown to be affectionate towards each other, including holding hands, embracing, and sharing intimate moments. Additionally, their relationship is further explored through flashbacks and conversations throughout the film, highlighting their deep emotional connection and history together. Therefore, it can be concluded that Cloud and Tifa are indeed a couple in Advent Children.

Leslie’s Fiance in Final Fantasy 7

Leslie’s fiance in Final Fantasy VII is a character named Merle. Merle is a relatively minor character who is mentioned in passing during the game’s story. She is introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake, were it is revealed that she is pregnant with Leslie’s child. Merle is not a playable character in the game, and her role in the story is limited to her relationship with Leslie and the fact that she is expecting a child with him. While Merle’s character may not be as fleshed out as some of the other characters in the game, her relationship with Leslie adds a personal dimension to his character and helps to deepen the emotional impact of the game’s story.


Marlene is a character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake who is the daughter of Barret’s friends Dyne and Eleanor. Barret took her in as his own daughter after Dyne and his hometown were destroyed by Shinra Electric Power Company troops. Although not much is revealed about her in the game, the original Final Fantasy 7 explains that Marlene’s mother is Eleanor and not Tifa, as some fans had speculated. Barret’s love for Marlene shows his caring and compassionate nature, and his willingness to take on the role of a father figure despite his own personal struggles. Marlene is a significant character in the game who plays an important role in Barret’s story.

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