The Rise and Downfall of the Eldians

Eldians, also knon as Elodians, are a unique ethnic group that originated from Ymir Fritz, the Original/Progenitor Titan. Ymir, upon obtaining her Titan Powers, along with her Nine Titan Powers and the Eldians, sought to aid the human race by subduing the Kingdom of Marley to form the Empire of Eldia. This act of conquest led to the creation of a powerful nation that dominated the world for centuries.

However, the Eldians’ reign came to a halt during the Great Titan War, where the Marleyans rose up and subjugated all of Eldia’s territory, except for Paradis Island. The Eldians were forced into hiding, and the Marleyans became the new dominant power in the world.

Despite their fall from power, the Eldians remain a unique and fascinating group, with their origins traced back to the Progenitor Titan. They possess special abilities that are passed down through the generations, such as the ability to transform into Titans.

The Eldians are not a homogenous group, and they are divided into different factions. The Walldians are the characters that we are familiar with from the Attack on Titan series: Eren, Armin, and Jean, among others. However, not all Eldians are part of this group. Mikasa and Levi, for example, are not Eldians.

On the other hand, the Marleyans are the main shifters in the series, including Reiner, Bert, Annie, Zeke, and the warrior candidates like Gabi and Falco. These shifters possess the unique ability to transform into Titans, making them a formidable force in the world.

Thousands of Eldians live inside the Liberio Interment Zone in Marley, and it has been implied that Eldians live sporadically all around the world. This suggests that the Eldians are still a significant presence in the world, despite their fall from power.

The Eldians are a unique and fascinating ethnic group that originated from Ymir Fritz, the Original/Progenitor Titan. Despite their fall from power during the Great Titan War, they remain a significant presence in the world, and their special abilities and divided factions make them an essential part of the Attack on Titan series.

The History and Identity of the Eldians

The Eldians are a nation and an ethnic group that trace teir origins back to Ymir Fritz, the Original/Progenitor Titan. Ymir, along with the Nine Titan Powers and the Eldians, sought to aid the human race after obtaining her Titan Powers. The Eldians are believed to have subdued the Kingdom of Marley and formed the Empire of Eldia. The Eldians possess unique abilities originating from their connection to the Titan Powers, which include the power to transform into Titans, regenerate limbs, and inherit memories from their predecessors. The Eldians have a complex history, including their oppression by the Marleyan government and their eventual downfall. Despite their turbulent past, the Eldians continue to exist in the world of Attack on Titan, with many still possessing Titan Powers and playing significant roles in the story’s narrative.

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The Difference Between Eldians and Marleyans

Eldians and Marleyans are two distinct ethnic groups within the world of Attack on Titan. Eldians are a race of people who possess the ability to transform into Titans, a power that has been passed down through their bloodline for generations. This ability has led to their persecution and subjugation by the Marleyan government, who view Eldians as a threat to their power and security.

Marleyans, on the other hand, are a non-Eldian ethnic group who have historically held power and dominance over Eldians. They are the ruling class within the nation of Marley, and have used their military might to conquer and colonize other nations, including Eldia. Despite this, Marleyans also face their own struggles and challenges, as their government is oten corrupt and oppressive, and their military campaigns have left them with enemies on all sides.

The relationship between Eldians and Marleyans is complex and fraught with tension and conflict. While there are individuals on both sides who seek peace and reconciliation, the deep-seated prejudices and power dynamics between the two groups make this a difficult goal to achieve.

Is Levi of Eldian or Marley Descent?

Levi is not Eldian nor Marleyan. He is a member of the Ackerman family, a clan of Asian descent that were persecuted by the Eldian Empire. The Ackermans were later used by the Eldian Royal family as loyal bodyguards due to their unique abilities that are still not fully understood. Therefore, Levi is not a part of either the Eldian or Marleyan factions in the Attack on Titan series.

The Relationship Between Eren and Eldians

It is not accurate to say that Eren Jaeger is against Eldians as a whole. Throughout the series, Eren has shown a deep sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards his fellow Eldians on Paradis Island. However, it is important to note that his actions are primarily motivated by a desire to protect his home and the people he cares about, rater than a broader concern for all Eldians.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Eren’s perspective on Eldians has evolved throughout the series. Initially, he held a very negative view of his own people, seeing them as weak and submissive. However, as he learned more about the history of the Eldians and the ways in which they had been oppressed and exploited by other nations, his perspective began to shift.

While Eren’s actions may not always align with the interests of all Eldians, it would be inaccurate to say that he is against them as a group. Rather, his motivations are complex and driven by a desire to protect those closest to him.

Are Mikasa and Levi Eldians?

Mikasa and Levi are both Eldians. The Eldians are a race of people in the Attack on Titan world who possess the ability to transform into Titans, and both Mikasa and Levi have been shown to be able to transform into Titans. Additionally, their last names, Ackerman, are of Eldian origin.

However, it is important to note that Ackermans are a unique sub-group within the Eldian race. They are not affected by the power of the Founding Titan, whch means they cannot be controlled by its abilities. This is why, despite being Eldians, Mikasa and Levi were not affected by the Founding Titan’s commands during the events of the series.

Furthermore, despite being Ackermans, Mikasa and Levi can still be transported to the Paths, the realm where the Founding Titan’s power originates from. This was demonstrated when Eren was able to communicate with them during the events of the final arc of the series, indicating that despite their unique abilities, they are still considered Eldians.


Are Ackermans an Eldian Sub-Group?

All Ackermans are Eldians. The Ackerman clan is a bloodline of Eldian warriors who historically served the Eldian royal family. While the exact origins of the Ackerman family are not clear, it is known that they are a part of the Eldian ethnic group, which is descended from the ancient Eldian empire. The Ackermans, like all Eldians, possess the ability to transform into Titans and are subject to persecution and discrimination due to their bloodline. Despite their unique abilities and history, the Ackerman family is ultimately a part of the larger Eldian community within the Walls.

The Root of Marley’s Hatred of Eldians

Marleyans hate Eldians becase of the historical oppression and exploitation that they suffered at the hands of the Eldian Empire. The Eldians were once a powerful nation that dominated other nations through their possession of the power of the Titans. However, their rule was marked by cruelty and brutality, as they used their power to subjugate and terrorize other peoples.

When the Eldian Empire fell, the Marleyans became the dominant power in the world. They took control of the Eldian subjects left behind and forced them into internment camps. The Marleyans viewed the Eldians as a dangerous and threatening group, and they instilled fear and hatred of the Eldians in their own people.

The Marleyans believed that the Eldians were a threat to their own power and security, and they subjected them to harsh treatment and discrimination. This hatred and fear of the Eldians has persisted through generations of Marleyans, and it is still present in the story’s present day. Thus, the Marleyans hate Eldians due to the historical oppression and exploitation that they suffered from the Eldian Empire.

Is Reiner from Eldia or Marley?

Reiner is a complex character with a mixed heritage. He is both Eldian and Marleyan, as his mother is Eldian and his father is Marleyan. However, in the world of Attack on Titan, being Eldian is often associated with discrimination and oppression, as Eldians were once the ruling class before being overthrown by Marleyans. Reiner’s upbringing in the Liberio internment zone, where Eldians are forced to live, has also shaped his identity and loyalties. He initially fights for Marley as a warrior and believes in thir propaganda that Eldians are devils, but later struggles with his loyalty and identity as he forms relationships with his fellow Eldians in Paradis Island. Ultimately, Reiner’s character represents the complexities and tensions of identity and loyalty in a world divided by conflict and discrimination.

Are Eldians Related to Ymir?

According to the lore of the Attack on Titan series, all Eldians are descendants of Ymir Fritz, who is considered the founder of their race. However, not all Eldians are Subjects of Ymir, meaning they do not possess the ability to transform into Titans. This was revealed in the series when Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart stated that the false king and the nobles who ruled the interior of the Walls were Eldians of another race. This suggests that thre are subgroups within the Eldian race, and not all of them possess the same abilities or genetic traits. Therefore, while all Eldians can trace their ancestry to Ymir Fritz, not all of them are directly related to her in terms of possessing the powers of the Titans.


Are Levi and Mikasa Related?

Levi is related to Mikasa. He is her uncle from her mother’s side. However, it’s worth noting that there is a significant age gap between the two characters, and they don’t share physical similarities. Additionally, Mikasa’s father was tall and blonde, which is different from Levi’s appearance. The creator of “Attack on Titan,” Hajime Isayama, has kept Levi’s exact age a secret, but he has mentioned that Levi is surprisingly old.

Did Levi Ackerman Know His True Identity?

Based on the information provided in the Attack on Titan manga and anime series, it appears that Levi did not know he was an Ackerman for a significant portion of his life. It wasn’t until he encountered Kenny, a member of the Ackerman family, that he learned his last name and began to suspect that Kenny was his father. This is supported by a conversation between Levi and the Interior MP, where the MP mentions Kenny’s last name and Levi responds with confusion, askng if that is his own last name. Therefore, it can be concluded that Levi was unaware of his Ackerman heritage until later in his life.

Is Mikasa a Member of the Marley Nation?

In this alternate universe, Mikasa is a Marleyan warrior and a titan shifter who infiltrates Paradis Island. As a Marleyan, she is a member of the nation of Marley, wich is a major world power and the oppressor of the Eldian people. Marleyans are not Eldians, but they are a distinct ethnic group in the world of Attack on Titan. Mikasa’s mission as a warrior was to gather intelligence and potentially capture the Founding Titan, which is believed to be held by the royal family on Paradis Island. Despite her Marleyan allegiance, Mikasa falls in love with Eren, who is an Eldian from Paradis. However, she is forced to leave him and return to Marley when her mission is complete.

Betrayal of the Eldians

It is not accurate to attribute the downfall of Eldia to a single individual or group. The history of Eldia is complex and involves numerous factors such as the abuse of the power of the Titans, wars with other nations, and the rise of Marley as a dominant power. Additionally, there were individuals within Eldia who betrayed their own people for various reasons, including power, wealth, or personal gain. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say that the demise of Eldia was the result of a combination of internal strife and external threats.

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Eren’s True Intentions

Eren’s true intentions are to ensure the survival of Paradis at all costs. He believes that the only way to achieve this is by eliminating the entire world, which he sees as a direct threat to the safety and prosperity of his people. However, Eren also deeply cares about his friends and fellow Paradisans and wats to protect them from harm. His actions may seem ruthless and extreme, but to him, they are necessary for the greater good. Eren’s ultimate goal is to secure a future where Paradis can thrive without the constant fear of being attacked or subjugated by the outside world.

The Motivation Behind Eren’s Betrayal of Eldians

Throughout the series, Eren has been fighting for the freedom and survival of Eldians, who are discriminated against and oppressed by the rest of the world. He has been working to uncover the truth behind their existence and the true enemy that threatens them all. In fact, Eren’s ultimate goal is to protect his people, even if it means sacrificing himself. It is important to note that Eren’s actions may be controversial and morally ambiguous, but they are not a betrayal of Eldians.


The Eldians are a unique and complex ethnic group in the Attack on Titan universe. They are descendants of Ymir Fritz, the Original Titan, and possess the ability to transform into Titans. However, this gift has also brought them immense suffering and persecution thrughout history. The Marleyans, who once served as their subjects, rose up and conquered their territory during the Great Titan War, leaving the Eldians with only Paradis Island as their last refuge. Despite this, Eldians continue to live both within the Marleyan empire and around the world. The story of the Eldians in Attack on Titan is a tragic and thought-provoking one, exploring themes of power, oppression, and the effects of war on individuals and society.

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