Does YouTube save your search history?

Answered by Cody Janus

YouTube does save your search history. Every time you search for something on YouTube, it gets stored in your account’s search history. This is done by Google, which owns YouTube, as a way to personalize your experience and provide relevant recommendations based on your previous searches.

However, if you’re concerned about your search history being stored and want to prevent it from showing up in your account, you do have the option to pause it completely. By pausing your search history, YouTube will no longer save any of your searches, and it won’t be used to personalize your recommendations.

To pause your search history on YouTube, follow these steps:

1. Open the YouTube app or go to the YouTube website on your device.
2. Sign in to your YouTube account if you’re not already signed in.
3. Click on your profile picture or the three-line menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
4. From the drop-down menu, select “History.”
5. On the left-hand side, you’ll see different types of history, such as Watch history, Search history, and Comments. Click on “Search history.”
6. You’ll now see a switch at the top of the screen that says “Pause search history.” Click on the switch to turn it on.
7. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to pause search history. Click “Pause.”

Once you’ve completed these steps, your search history will be paused, and YouTube will no longer save any of your future searches. However, please note that this will only affect the search history for the specific YouTube account you’re signed in to. If you use multiple YouTube accounts, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each account if you want to pause the search history for all of them.

It’s worth mentioning that pausing your search history may affect the personalized recommendations you receive on YouTube. Without access to your search history, YouTube won’t be able to tailor its suggestions based on your interests. However, if privacy is a higher priority for you, then pausing your search history may be a suitable option.

It’s important to note that pausing your search history on YouTube does not delete your previous search history. If you want to remove your existing search history, you can do so by following similar steps in the “Search history” section and selecting the option to clear your search history.

While YouTube does save your search history by default, you have the control to pause it and prevent your searches from being stored in your account.