Does Windows 10 need an antivirus?

Answered by James Kissner

Windows 10 does need an antivirus, even though it comes with Microsoft Defender Antivirus. While Microsoft Defender Antivirus provides a basic level of protection, it may not be sufficient to protect your system against all types of threats. In this answer, I will explain why it is important to have an additional antivirus solution for Windows 10 and provide some insights based on personal experiences.

1. Microsoft Defender Antivirus lacks advanced features: While Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a decent antivirus solution, it lacks certain advanced features that are offered by third-party antivirus software. For example, it may not provide comprehensive endpoint protection and response capabilities, which are essential for detecting and responding to advanced threats. Having an antivirus with these features can significantly enhance your system’s security.

2. Automated investigation and remediation: Another important aspect that Microsoft Defender Antivirus may lack is automated investigation and remediation. This feature helps in automatically identifying and resolving security incidents, saving time and effort for the user. With a dedicated antivirus solution, you can have access to such automated features, ensuring a more proactive approach to security.

3. Additional layers of protection: Using a third-party antivirus software alongside Microsoft Defender Antivirus adds an extra layer of protection to your system. Different antivirus solutions use various techniques to detect and prevent malware, including behavior-based analysis, heuristic scanning, and cloud-based threat intelligence. This multi-layered approach can enhance the overall security of your Windows 10 system.

4. Personal experiences: Personally, I have encountered situations where relying solely on Microsoft Defender Antivirus proved to be inadequate. On one occasion, I unknowingly downloaded a malicious file from the internet, and Microsoft Defender Antivirus failed to detect it. Luckily, I had an additional antivirus software installed, which immediately flagged the file as a potential threat. This incident highlighted the importance of having a robust antivirus solution for Windows 10.

While Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a reasonable basic antivirus solution for Windows 10, it lacks certain advanced features and capabilities. To ensure comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats, it is advisable to complement it with a reliable third-party antivirus software. This will provide additional layers of defense, automated investigation and remediation, and a more proactive approach to securing your Windows 10 system.