Does Takemichi ever fight good?

Answered by Jason Smith

Well, when it comes to Takemichi’s fighting abilities in Tokyo Revengers, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s a bad fighter. he may not have had the best track record so far, but there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, Takemichi is not a trained fighter. He’s just an ordinary guy who finds himself caught up in dangerous situations. Unlike some of the other characters in the series who have had years of experience in fighting and gang warfare, Takemichi is completely new to this world. So, it’s not fair to compare him to those who have dedicated their lives to fighting.

Secondly, Takemichi often finds himself outnumbered or facing opponents who are much stronger and more skilled than him. In these situations, it’s not surprising that he struggles to hold his own. It’s important to remember that fighting is not just about skill, but also about physical strength, endurance, and strategy. Takemichi may lack in some of these areas, but he makes up for it in determination and resilience.

Despite his shortcomings, Takemichi has shown moments of bravery and resourcefulness during fights. He may not always come out on top, but he never backs down from a challenge and does his best to protect himself and those he cares about. This is evident in his fights against characters like Kiyomasa and Moebius gang members.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Takemichi’s primary goal is not to become a skilled fighter, but rather to save the people he cares about and change the future. He relies on his time-travel ability to alter events and prevent tragedies from occurring. So, his focus is more on finding ways to outsmart his enemies and manipulate the timeline rather than relying solely on his fighting skills.

While Takemichi may not be the strongest or most skilled fighter in Tokyo Revengers, it would be unfair to label him as a bad fighter. He is an ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances, and he does his best to hold his own in fights despite the odds stacked against him. His determination, resourcefulness, and willingness to put himself in harm’s way for the sake of others make him a compelling protagonist, even if he may not always come out on top in physical confrontations.