How much is a square off chess board?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

The price of a Square Off chess board can vary depending on the specific model and features you choose. However, as of now, the Square Off Kingdom Set, which is their tournament size e-chessboard, is priced at $199. This is a discounted price from its original retail price of $279.

The Square Off Kingdom Set is known for being the world’s first ultra portable and rollable tournament size e-chessboard. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals and serious chess players who want the convenience of being able to carry their chessboard with them wherever they go.

As an avid chess player myself, I can understand the importance of having a high-quality chessboard that meets the requirements of professional play. The Square Off Kingdom Set not only offers the standard tournament size, but it also incorporates electronic features that enhance the chess playing experience.

One of the key features of the Square Off Kingdom Set is its ability to connect to various chess apps and platforms, allowing you to play against opponents from around the world. This electronic connectivity adds a new dimension to the game, as you can challenge players of different skill levels and even participate in online tournaments.

The rollable design of the Square Off Kingdom Set is also worth mentioning. This feature makes it incredibly easy to transport and store the chessboard. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply want a compact chessboard that doesn’t take up much space in your home, the rollable design of the Square Off Kingdom Set makes it a practical choice.

In terms of the build and quality of the chessboard, Square Off is known for its attention to detail. The Kingdom Set features a classic wooden board and handcrafted wooden pieces, giving it a premium and timeless look. The pieces are also magnetized, ensuring that they stay in place during gameplay.

The Square Off Kingdom Set offers a combination of portability, electronic connectivity, and high-quality craftsmanship, making it an excellent choice for professional chess players. With its current discounted price of $199, it presents a competitive option in the market. However, it’s always worth considering your own needs and preferences before making a purchase decision.