Does rum go with ginger ale?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Oh, absolutely! Rum and ginger ale is a fantastic combination. The sweet and spicy flavor of the ginger ale pairs perfectly with the rich and smooth taste of rum. It’s like a match made in cocktail heaven!

One of my favorite variations of this classic drink is the Dark and Stormy. Traditionally made with dark rum and ginger beer, this version swaps out the ginger beer for ginger ale to create a lighter and more refreshing twist. The result is a cocktail that still packs a punch of flavor but with a subtler ginger taste.

To make a Rum and Ginger Ale, all you need is some rum and ginger ale, of course! I prefer using a light or golden rum for this drink, as it allows the ginger ale to shine through without overpowering the rum. Fill a glass with ice, then pour in about 1.5 to 2 ounces of rum. Top it off with ginger ale, stirring gently to mix the flavors together. And that’s it – you have a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail in just a minute!

The beauty of Rum and Ginger Ale is its versatility. You can customize it to suit your taste by adjusting the amount of rum or ginger ale you use. If you prefer a stronger drink, simply add more rum. If you want a milder version, increase the amount of ginger ale. You can even add a squeeze of lime juice or a splash of bitters for an extra layer of flavor.

I love enjoying a Rum and Ginger Ale on a hot summer day. It’s so refreshing and light, making it the perfect cocktail for lounging by the pool or relaxing on the patio. The combination of rum and ginger ale creates a beautiful balance of flavors that is both invigorating and satisfying.

Whether you’re a fan of rum or just looking for a tasty and easy-to-make cocktail, I highly recommend giving Rum and Ginger Ale a try. It’s a delightful combination that is sure to please your taste buds and quench your thirst. Cheers!