Does remitted mean paid?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Remitted can be used to mean paid. When money is remitted, it means that it has been sent or transmitted to a person or place, usually as payment for a debt, goods, or services. In this context, remitted is often used in financial and business transactions.

For example, if you owe someone money and you send them the payment, you can say that you have remitted the amount owed. Similarly, if a company sends a payment to a supplier for goods received, they can also say that they have remitted the payment.

It’s worth noting that remitted is a more formal term compared to paid. It is commonly used in legal and financial contexts, such as in contracts, invoices, or official documents. Using remitted instead of paid can add a certain level of professionalism and clarity to the transaction.

In addition to its usage in financial matters, remitted can also be used in other contexts. For instance, if someone is found guilty of a crime and is required to pay a fine, they may be instructed to remit the amount within a certain timeframe. This usage implies that the person must send the payment as a form of punishment or restitution.

To summarize, remitted can indeed mean paid, but it is often used in more formal or official situations. It signifies that money has been sent or transmitted, typically as a form of payment for a debt or obligation.