The Result of Octavia’s Choice in ‘The 1oo’ Divulged

Octavia Blake is one of the most complex and dynamic characters in the hit television series, The 100. From her early days as a rebellious teenager to her transformation into a fierce warrior and leader, Octavia has undergone a tremendous amount of growth and change throughout the show’s seven seasons. But with the series coming to an end, fans have been left wondering about Octavia’s fate. Does Octavia die in The 100? Let’s take a closer look.

In the season 7 premiere, we saw Octavia being pulled into a mysterious anomaly, leaving her fate unknown. As the season progresses, we learn that Octavia has been taken to a new world, where she finds herself in the middle of a war beteen two factions – the Disciples and the Shepherds.

Throughout the season, Octavia struggles to find her place in this new world and comes face to face with her own demons. She is forced to confront her past mistakes and the pain that she has caused others, including her brother Bellamy.

But does Octavia die in The 100? The answer is no. In the series finale, we see Octavia being given the choice to transcend to a higher plane of existence or to remain on Earth. After much contemplation, Octavia decides to stay and live out the rest of her days on Earth.

This decision is a fitting end for Octavia’s character arc. Throughout the series, Octavia has always been searching for a sense of belonging and a place to call home. By choosing to stay on Earth, she finally finds that sense of belonging and can live out the rest of her life on her own terms.

Octavia Blake does not die in The 100. Instead, she is given the opportunity to make a choice that reflects the growth and development of her character over the course of the series. Octavia’s journey has been a complicated and emotional one, but ultimately, she finds peace and a sense of purpose in the end.

The Killer of Octavia in The 100

Octavia does not get killed in The 100. While she faces many challenges and near-death experiences throughut the series, she remains alive until the very end. Octavia is a prominent character in the show, and her story arc is one of the most compelling and complex. She starts off as a rebellious teenager and transforms into a fierce warrior and leader, ultimately becoming instrumental in saving her people and securing peace for the warring factions. While Octavia is not killed in the series, she does go through numerous trials that push her to her limits and shape her into the person she becomes.

does octavia die in the 100

Is Octavia Alive at the End of The 100?

Octavia is alive at the end of The 100. She is one of the characters who chooses to stay on the new planet, along with Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Nylah, Hope, Jordan, Levitt, Miller, and Jackson. Octavia has a significant character arc throughout the series, going from a troubled and violent youth to a respected leader and hero. In the final season, she plays a crucial role in the fight against the Disciples and helps to save her friends and the new planet from destruction.

The Fate of Octavia in the End

In the end, Octavia gets to make a decision about whether or not she wans to transcend. This means that she has the power to choose what her future will be like without anyone else’s interference. It’s worth noting that Octavia has wanted this ability since the first season, so it’s fitting that she finally gets to exercise it. Essentially, transcendence is a form of evolution where individuals are given the opportunity to join a higher level of consciousness. However, it’s not without its risks, and some characters choose not to transcend. In Octavia’s case, it’s ultimately up to her to decide what her fate will be.

The Reason Behind Octavia’s Departure From ‘The 100’

Octavia left The 100 beause she had seen too much senseless bloodshed and was ready to hang up her machete for another kind of life. She had experienced numerous traumatic events, including losing her mother and being forced to fight in the bunker. These experiences led her to feel a strong desire for a different kind of existence, one that resembled the life she had with her family on Sky Ring. Octavia’s desire for a peaceful life ultimately led her to leave The 100 and pursue a different path. After the transcendence, she was able to find the kind of life she had been seeking, free from violence and bloodshed.

Octavia’s Marriage in The 100

Octavia Blake is a fictional character from the TV series “The 100”. Throughout the series, Octavia does not get married. She has romantic relationships with several characters, including Lincoln, Ilian, and Niylah, but none of these relationships result in marriage. Therefore, Octavia does not marry anyone in “The 100”.

does octavia die in the 100

Who Will Be the Survivors at the End of The 100?

At the end of The 100, several characters survive and choose to live the rest of their lives on Earth with Clarke. These characters include Octavia, Raven, Murphy, Emori, Indra, Gaia, Levitt, Jackson, Miller, Niylah, Echo, Hope, and Jordan. The series concludes with a happy ending, as this group of characters chooses to build a new life together on Earth.

The Transformation of Octavia from Good to Evil

Octavia became evil to save her people from the guilt and pain of the decisions they had made. As the leader of her people, Octavia realized that her decisions had led her people down a dark path, causing them to face the consequences of their actions. To avoid further pain and suffering, Octavia decided to beome the villain, taking the blame for everything that had gone wrong. By doing so, she hoped that her people would find a way to come together and find a way to move forward. Octavia made a difficult choice, sacrificing her own reputation and well-being for the greater good of her people. She knew that becoming the villain would not be easy, but it was the only way to save her people from themselves.

Clarke’s Romantic Endeavor

Clarke Griffin, the main character in the TV series “The 100” ended up with Bellamy Blake. At the end of chapter 33, Bellamy proposed to Clarke and she accepted. This happened towards the end of the series, after numerous ups and downs in their relationship. Despite their differences, the two characters had a strong connection and a deep understanding of each other. Clarke’s romantic involvement with Bellamy was one of the major plotlines of the show and was a significant part of her character development.

Deaths in Season 7 of The 100

In season 7 of The 100, several characters meet thir end, but the most significant death is that of Bellamy Blake. In one of the show’s most shocking twists, protagonist Clarke Griffin shoots and kills Bellamy in order to save Madi, whom she sees as her daughter. This event occurs in the penultimate episode of the season, titled “Blood Giant.” Bellamy’s death is not a fake-out, as he does not return in subsequent episodes. Other notable deaths in season 7 include Abby Griffin, who dies in the season’s fifth episode, and Diyoza, who sacrifices herself to save her daughter, Hope, in the season’s final episode.

does octavia die in the 100

Absence of Bellamy in the Finale

Bellamy wasn’t in the finale of “The 100” because the rules of transcendence stated that only the living shall transcend. Unfortunately, Bellamy had died before the finish line, and thus, he couldn’t be there in the end. This was a tragic realization for Octavia, and it meant that Bellamy’s character arc had come to an end. The decision to kill off Bellamy was controversial amng fans but was made by the show’s creators to serve the story’s overall narrative and thematic goals. Ultimately, the show ended with the message that humanity needs to learn from its mistakes and work together to create a better future.

Will Octavia Survive?

Octavia survives being stabbed, a hundred-foot fall into the water, and floating downriver while bleeding profusely from her wound. Despite the severity of her injuries, Octavia manages to pull through and survive.

The Killer of Lexa in The 100

Lexa, the Commander of the Grounders, is accidentally shot by her own Flamekeeper, Titus, in season 3 of the TV show The 100. Titus disapproved of the romantic relationship between Lexa and Clarke, a member of the Sky People, and intended to kill Clarke. However, Lexa jumps in front of the bullet and is fatally wounded. Despite Clarke’s efforts to save her, Lexa dies from her injury, leaving a profound impact on the show and its characters.

Does Octavia Survive Radiation Exposure?

In the episode, we see Octavia entering the reactor room to manually override the system and allow the others to escape. She believed that this would result in her own death due to the high levels of radiation in the room. However, in the final moments of the episode, it is revealed that Octavia actually survived thanks to her nightblood. Nightblood is a genetic mutation that allows certain individuals to withstand high levels of radiation, and Octavia hppens to be one of them. The episode flashes forward six years and seven days, showing us a grown-up Hope, who is the daughter of Octavia’s brother Bellamy and his girlfriend Echo. Octavia is also shown to be alive and well, indicating that she did, in fact, survive the radiation. Therefore, it can be concluded that Octavia did survive the radiation thanks to her nightblood.

does octavia die in the 100


Octavia’s fate in the final season of The 100 was both complex and satisfying. Throughout the series, she evolved from a rebellious teenager to a warrior and eventually found peace in the final season. Her journey was filled with twists and turns, but ultimately, she was able to make her own choice about whther or not to transcend. This was a fitting end for a character who had spent much of her life struggling to find her place in the world. Octavia’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and her character will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the strongest and most captivating in the series.

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