Does Max ever turn back into a boy?

Answered by James Kissner

In the episode, Alex manages to convince Maxine to drink the potion, but to their surprise, neither of them changes back. This unexpected twist leaves both Alex and Maxine disappointed and unsure of what to do next. They had hoped that the potion would reverse their gender swap, but it seems that something went wrong.

Feeling a mixture of frustration and curiosity, Maxine decides to confide in Crumbs, the wise and magical advisor at WizTech. Maxine explains to Crumbs how Alex and Justin accidentally turned him into a little girl while experimenting with a new spell. Crumbs listens attentively, his eyes twinkling with wisdom.

Crumbs, being well-versed in all things magical, responds to Maxine’s story with a knowing smile. He corrects Maxine, informing him that Alex and Justin turned him into a little boy, not a little girl. Maxine is taken aback by this revelation, realizing that he had misunderstood the situation all along.

However, Crumbs goes on to reassure Maxine that despite the mix-up, Alex and Justin were able to reverse the spell and restore him to his original form as a boy. Crumbs commends Alex and Justin for their resourcefulness and problem-solving skills, considering their ability to rectify the situation as splendid.

With this newfound understanding, Maxine begins to feel a sense of relief. While he may not have turned back into a boy immediately after drinking the potion, knowing that Alex and Justin were able to reverse the spell gives him hope that he will eventually return to his original form.

Crumbs, having imparted his wisdom, bids Maxine farewell and leaves him to contemplate the situation. Maxine realizes that despite the initial confusion and the temporary setback, he is grateful for the support and ingenuity of his siblings. He is reassured that they will find a way to bring him back to being a boy once again.

As the episode comes to a close, Maxine reflects on the adventure and the valuable lesson he has learned. He understands that mistakes happen, but it’s the ability to find solutions and support each other that truly matters. With this newfound perspective, Maxine remains hopeful that he will eventually turn back into a boy and continue his magical journey alongside his siblings.