Does JustFab VIP membership cost money?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Becoming a JustFab VIP member does come with a cost. The membership fee is $39.95 per month. This fee entitles you to one credit, which can be used to purchase any shoe, clothing, or accessory item in your personal boutique.

The monthly membership fee is automatically charged to your account, ensuring that you always have a credit available to use toward your purchases. This credit can be redeemed at any time, giving you the flexibility to shop whenever you like.

One of the benefits of being a VIP member is that your personal boutique is curated just for you. This means that the items you see in your boutique are selected based on your style preferences and previous purchases. The idea is to make your shopping experience more personalized and tailored to your individual taste.

The membership fee also grants you access to exclusive discounts and promotions. As a VIP member, you will have the opportunity to shop at discounted prices, saving you money on your favorite items. These discounts can be quite significant, making the membership fee well worth it for those who are regular shoppers.

It’s important to note that as a VIP member, you are not obligated to make a purchase every month. If you choose not to make a purchase, your credit will roll over to the next month, ensuring that you never lose out on the value of your membership.

JustFab is known for its wide variety of trendy and fashionable products. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, a stylish handbag, or the latest clothing trends, you’re likely to find something that catches your eye in your personal boutique.

Personal Experience: I have been a JustFab VIP member for several months now, and I find the membership fee to be well worth it. I love the convenience of having a credit available to use whenever I want to make a purchase. The curated boutique also saves me time by showing me items that align with my style preferences. The exclusive discounts are a nice bonus, as they allow me to save money on my favorite products. I have had a positive experience as a JustFab VIP member and would recommend it to others who enjoy trendy and affordable fashion.