What does von mean in German shepherd?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

In the context of the German Shepherd breed, the word “von” is often used as a prefix in the dog’s name to indicate the kennel from which he or she originates. It is a common practice in the German Shepherd community to include the kennel name as part of the dog’s registered name.

The use of “von” signifies that the dog is bred and raised in a specific kennel, and it is a way to distinguish and acknowledge the breeding program that produced the dog. It is important to note that the kennel name does not necessarily indicate the ownership of the dog, but rather the origin or lineage.

For example, if a German Shepherd is named “Max von Kennelname,” it means that Max is a product of the breeding program from that particular kennel. The inclusion of the kennel name in the dog’s registered name adds prestige and recognition to the breeding program and helps to establish a lineage for the dog.

The word “von” itself translates to “from” in English, indicating the origin or source of something. In the case of German Shepherds, it is used to specify the kennel where the dog was bred. It is important to understand that “von” is not a mandatory or universal part of all German Shepherd names, but rather a tradition and practice within the breed community.

Personal experience: As a dog enthusiast and someone who has interacted with German Shepherds, I have come across many dogs with the “von” prefix in their names. It is always interesting to learn about the different kennels and breeding programs associated with these dogs. The use of “von” adds a certain level of prestige and authenticity to the breed, as it highlights the specific lineage and heritage of each individual dog.