Does Jesse get any money?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Jesse does not receive any money in the end. Throughout the series, Jesse Pinkman is involved in the drug trade with Walter White. However, after Jesse leaves the business and severs ties with Walt, he does not earn any money.

In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walt goes on to establish a partnership with a group of white supremacist gang members to produce and distribute methamphetamine. This partnership proves to be highly lucrative, and Walt is able to accumulate a staggering $80 million.

During this time, Jesse is no longer involved in the drug trade and is trying to distance himself from the criminal world. He is focused on dealing with the guilt and trauma caused by his involvement with Walt and the consequences of his actions.

Towards the end of the series, Walt decides to deliver $5 million to Jesse as a form of reparation for the suffering he caused him. However, this act is mainly motivated by Walt’s desire to manipulate Jesse into helping him with his final plan.

Jesse, who is desperate to escape the clutches of the criminal world, rejects Walt’s money and refuses to be a part of his plan. He realizes that the money is tainted and represents the destruction and pain caused by his association with Walt.

In the final episodes, Jesse manages to break free from Walt’s control and survives the series, albeit emotionally scarred and battered. However, he does not receive any financial compensation for his involvement in the drug trade.

Jesse’s journey in Breaking Bad highlights the devastating consequences of becoming involved in the drug trade and the toll it takes on individuals’ lives. Despite the immense wealth generated by the meth business, Jesse ultimately pays a heavy price and does not reap any financial rewards.