Does iPhone 6s have 5G?

Answered by Robert Flynn

The iPhone 6s does not have 5G technology. The iPhone 6s was released in September 2015, and at that time, 5G technology was not yet available. The iPhone 6s supports 4G LTE, which was the prevailing cellular network technology at the time.

5G technology, on the other hand, was first introduced commercially in 2019, with a few select cities and carriers offering 5G networks. Since the iPhone 6s was released several years prior, it does not have the necessary hardware to support 5G connectivity.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 6s is now a few generations old, and Apple has since released newer models that do offer 5G capabilities. The iPhone 12, for example, was released in 2020 and is compatible with 5G networks.

While 5G technology offers faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and the potential for new applications and services, it is not a necessity for everyone. The availability of 5G networks varies by location, and many areas may not yet have access to 5G coverage.

If you are considering upgrading your iPhone to a model that supports 5G, it’s important to check with your carrier to ensure that 5G is available in your area and that your plan supports 5G connectivity.

While the iPhone 6s is a capable device for its time, it does not have 5G technology. If you desire the benefits of 5G connectivity, you would need to consider upgrading to a newer iPhone model that supports 5G networks.