Does Funimation charged for free trial?

Answered by Michael Wilson

I recently signed up for a free trial with Funimation and noticed that there was a charge on my payment method. At first, I was confused and concerned about why I was being charged for something that was supposed to be free. However, after doing some research and contacting Funimation’s customer support, I learned that this charge is actually just an authorization charge.

An authorization charge is a common practice used by many companies to test the validity of a customer’s payment method. It is essentially a temporary hold on a certain amount of funds to ensure that the payment method provided is legitimate and has sufficient funds. This charge is not actually processed or collected by Funimation, but rather it is just a way for them to verify that your payment method is valid.

The important thing to note is that this charge is temporary and will be dropped from your statement. It may take a few days for the charge to be removed, but you will not be charged for the free trial. It is simply a necessary step in the payment process to ensure that everything is in order before you start your free trial.

I understand that seeing a charge on your statement can be concerning, especially when you are expecting a free trial. However, it is important to remember that this charge is just an authorization and will be refunded to you. If you have any further questions or concerns about the charge, I would recommend reaching out to Funimation’s customer support for clarification.

Funimation is not actually charging you for the free trial. The charge you see on your payment method is just an authorization to test the validity of your payment method. Once the validation process is complete, the charge will be dropped from your statement, and you can enjoy your free trial without any additional charges.