Do you need to charge Eufy before use?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

You need to charge RoboVac before using it for the first time. RoboVac comes with a pre-installed rechargeable battery that requires a full charge before it can be used. This initial charging process ensures that the battery is ready to provide optimal cleaning performance.

To charge RoboVac, you can follow Method 1, which involves attaching RoboVac to the Charging Base. The Charging Base has charging pins that align with the charging pins on RoboVac. By properly aligning these pins, you can establish a connection for charging.

Once RoboVac is connected to the Charging Base, it will begin charging its battery. You can easily identify if RoboVac is charging by checking the LED indicators on the device. Typically, a solid blue light indicates that RoboVac is charging, while a solid green light indicates that it is fully charged.

It is important to ensure that RoboVac is securely attached to the Charging Base during the charging process. This will help maintain a stable connection and ensure efficient charging. Additionally, make sure that the Charging Base is connected to a power source to provide the necessary electricity for charging.

The duration of the initial charge may vary depending on the specific model of RoboVac and the battery’s initial charge level. It is recommended to refer to the user manual or product documentation for more precise information regarding the charging time.

Once RoboVac’s battery is fully charged, it will be ready for use. You can then detach it from the Charging Base and start using it to clean your home. RoboVac is designed to automatically return to the Charging Base at the end of a cleaning cycle or when its battery is running low. This ensures that the battery remains charged and ready for the next cleaning session.

In my personal experience, I found that charging RoboVac before its first use is essential for optimal performance. Skipping this step may result in shorter cleaning times or reduced cleaning efficiency, as the battery may not have enough power to complete a cleaning cycle. Therefore, I highly recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions and charging RoboVac before you start using it.