Do you drink mezcal cold?

Answered by John Hunt

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When it comes to drinking mezcal, whether it should be consumed cold or at room temperature is a matter of personal preference. However, traditionally, mezcal is best enjoyed at room temperature. This is because, like many American whiskeys and bourbons, mezcal contains a variety of natural congeners that contribute to its flavor profile.

Congeners are organic compounds that form during the fermentation and aging process of spirits. They include substances such as esters, aldehydes, and tannins, which contribute to the aroma, taste, and overall character of the spirit. In mezcal, these congeners come from the agave plant, the cooking process, and the fermentation and distillation methods employed.

When you chill mezcal, these congeners become less volatile and their flavors become less pronounced. This means that some of the unique and complex flavors that mezcal is known for might be dulled or muted when consumed cold. However, chilling mezcal can also help mellow out any harsh or overly aggressive flavors, making it more approachable to some palates.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to drink mezcal cold or at room temperature comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the crispness and refreshing qualities that chilling mezcal can bring, especially on a hot day. Others prefer to savor the full range of flavors and aromas that room temperature mezcal offers.

If you do choose to chill your mezcal, it’s recommended not to serve it ice-cold, as this can excessively dull the flavors. Instead, you can try lightly chilling it by storing the bottle in the refrigerator for a short period of time before serving. This can provide a subtle cooling effect without completely masking the nuances of the spirit.

To summarize, mezcal is traditionally enjoyed at room temperature to fully appreciate its complex flavors and aromas. Chilling mezcal can dull these flavors, but it may also provide a different drinking experience that some individuals prefer. Ultimately, the choice between drinking mezcal cold or at room temperature is subjective and should be based on personal taste preferences.