How do you make Alexa Say what you want?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

To make Alexa say what you want, you can customize her responses using the Customized option on the Alexa Says screen. This feature allows you to type in exactly what you want Alexa to say in response to a specific query or command.

When customizing Alexa’s responses, it’s important to write in a way that sounds natural and human-like. This means being explicit and avoiding repetition by using synonyms. Instead of repeating the same phrase or word multiple times, try to find different ways to express the same idea.

In addition, it’s best to avoid using too many adjectives in your customized responses. While adjectives can be useful for adding descriptive details, using too many can make the response sound unnatural or overly promotional. Instead, focus on presenting your thoughts clearly and concisely.

One key aspect of customizing Alexa’s responses is to make them personal. By sharing your own experiences and situations, you can make the response more relatable and engaging. For example, if someone asks Alexa for a recipe, you could customize her response by sharing a personal anecdote about how you tried the recipe and loved it.

To enhance the readability and organization of your customized response, you can use paragraph headings and subtitles when necessary. This helps break down the information into smaller sections, making it easier for the user to follow along.

In some cases, using bullet lists can also be helpful for explaining content. This allows you to present information in a concise and organized manner, making it easier for the user to understand and follow the instructions.

When customizing Alexa’s responses, it’s important to leave the answer open-ended and avoid adding a conclusion or summary. This allows the user to continue the conversation or explore further without feeling like the interaction has come to an abrupt end.

Customizing Alexa’s responses requires careful consideration of language, personalization, organization, and readability. By taking these factors into account, you can make Alexa say exactly what you want in a natural and engaging manner.