Do they still sell Brass Monkey alcohol?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Unfortunately, as of my knowledge, Brass Monkey alcohol is no longer being sold. After its reemergence in the late 2000s as The Club Brass Monkey, it was included in the Club Cocktails line of premixed drinks produced by The Club Distilling Company. However, it seems that it has been discontinued since then.

I remember trying Brass Monkey when it first came back on the market. It was a popular choice among my friends and me for a fun and easy-to-drink cocktail. The premixed nature of the drink made it convenient for parties and gatherings, as there was no need to worry about mixing ingredients or proportions.

The Club Cocktails line, which included Brass Monkey, had a range of other bottled mixed drinks as well. It was a convenient option for those who wanted to enjoy a cocktail without the hassle of buying all the individual ingredients and mixing them themselves. The Club Distilling Company, owned by Diageo at the time, seemed to have capitalized on the demand for premixed cocktails.

However, for reasons unknown to me, it appears that Brass Monkey and the Club Cocktails line were eventually discontinued. It’s unfortunate because it was a unique and nostalgic drink that had gained popularity in the past.

While I can’t say for certain why it was discontinued, it’s not uncommon for companies to make changes to their product lineup based on various factors such as market demand, profitability, or rebranding efforts. Perhaps the sales of Brass Monkey and the Club Cocktails line didn’t meet expectations or didn’t align with the company’s strategic goals.

It’s worth noting that the alcohol industry is constantly evolving, and trends come and go. What may be popular one year might not be as sought after the next. The decision to discontinue a product like Brass Monkey could also be influenced by changing consumer preferences or the introduction of new cocktail options.

While Brass Monkey and its premixed counterpart The Club Brass Monkey are no longer available in the market, their brief reemergence in the late 2000s provided a nostalgic taste of the past. It’s always interesting to see how products and brands evolve over time, and sometimes, they simply fade away.