Do they still make applejack?

Answered by John Hunt

Applejack is still being made today, and one distillery that is continuing this tradition is Eight Oaks Farm Distillery. Applejack is a uniquely American spirit that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is made through a process called freeze distillation, which involves freezing hard apple cider and then removing the ice to concentrate the alcohol content.

Traditionally, applejack was made by leaving barrels of hard cider outside during the winter months. The liquid would freeze, and the ice would be removed, leaving behind a more concentrated alcoholic beverage. This method, while effective, was also unpredictable and resulted in varying flavors and alcohol levels.

At Eight Oaks Farm Distillery, they have modernized the process of making applejack while still honoring the traditional methods. They start by pressing fresh apples to make a high-quality hard cider. This cider is then fermented and distilled in traditional copper pot stills. The distillation process helps to concentrate the alcohol content and refine the flavors.

After distillation, the applejack is aged in oak barrels, which adds depth and complexity to the spirit. The aging process allows the flavors to mellow and develop, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced applejack.

One of the ways Eight Oaks Farm Distillery has modernized the production of applejack is through their use of technology. They carefully monitor the temperature and fermentation process to ensure consistency and quality. This allows them to create applejack that is not only authentic but also meets the highest standards of taste and craftsmanship.

Additionally, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery takes a sustainable approach to their applejack production. They source their apples from their own orchard, which is located on their family-owned farm. This ensures that only the freshest and highest quality apples are used in the production process.

Applejack is still being made today, and Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is a prime example of a distillery that continues to produce this American spirit. By combining traditional methods with modern technology and sustainable practices, they have created a high-quality applejack that pays homage to the past while embracing the future.