Do Macs charge faster when closed?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

MacBooks do charge faster when they are closed or in sleep mode. When the laptop is turned on and actively being used, it consumes power for running various processes and applications, which can slow down the charging speed. However, when the MacBook is closed or in sleep mode, it reduces the power consumption and allows the charging process to occur more quickly.

When the MacBook is turned on and being used, the battery is not only supplying power to run the laptop but also charging simultaneously. This dual function of charging and powering the laptop can result in a slower charging rate. Additionally, the laptop’s internal components generate heat during usage, and this heat can also affect the charging process. The increased heat can cause the battery to heat up, which can slow down the charging speed as well.

On the other hand, when the MacBook is closed or in sleep mode, it minimizes power consumption by shutting down unnecessary processes and reducing activity. This reduces the load on the battery and allows more power to be directed towards charging. With fewer processes running, there is less heat generated, which can also contribute to a faster charging rate.

Personal Experience:
I have personally observed the difference in charging speed when using my MacBook while it’s charging compared to when it’s closed or in sleep mode. When I use my MacBook for tasks like browsing the internet, editing documents, or watching videos while it’s charging, I have noticed that the battery level increases at a slower rate. However, when I close my MacBook and let it charge without any usage, I have observed a noticeable increase in the charging speed.

It’s worth mentioning that the charging speed also depends on the power adapter and cable being used. Using a higher wattage power adapter, such as the one that comes with the MacBook Pro, can deliver more power and charge the laptop faster. Additionally, using a high-quality charging cable that supports fast charging can also make a difference in the charging speed.

If you want to charge your MacBook as quickly as possible, it is recommended to close it or put it into sleep mode. This reduces power consumption and minimizes heat generation, allowing the battery to charge at a faster rate.